Minutes of October 2006 Meeting

American Marketing Association
Collegiate Chapters Council
Meeting Minutes, October 7, 2006
Boston, MA
Council: Lucille Pointer, President; Keith Niedermeier, President-Elect; Ed Thomas, Past-President;
Fred Honerkamp; Vish Iyer; Bill Neese; Jimmy Peltier; Jack Schibrowsky; Gail Zank.
Rickie Jacobs, Director, Chapters; Teresa Smith, Assistant Manager, Collegiate Chapters
Saturday, October 7, 2006
Lucille called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. She reviewed the minutes from the August
meeting. Fred Honerkamp moved to accept the minutes, Vish Iyer 2nd the motion. The motion
was accepted and the minutes were approved.
Case Update-Jimmy Peltier Reported
2007 Case
Jimmy felt that they were right on task with the 07 Case. There is a lot of information up and
everyone on the council should submit a case. The cases were really good last year and Jimmy
hopes they are just as good this year. Vish stated that Tom Martin of the New Orleans
professional chapter will send him a list of reference names the students may use to gain even
more information on rebuilding New Orleans. Jimmy feels that there needs to be more
communication to the chapters to create a buzz. He also feels it is time to announce that
chapters can fundraise specifically for funding the case. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
has raised $6000 already.
The following have committed money to the case competition:
 Smuckers-$2500
 Northwestern Mutual Financial Network-$5000
 Sullivan Tire-$5000
 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater-$6000
 Lucille Pointer-$500/$1000 match from Shell
Ed will approach his Dean to collect $1000 and NCR will possibly donate $5000.
After Jimmy confirms the case readers he will solicit donations from them.
The following companies will be solicited by various council members:
Jack: MGM, Sallie Mae, Sheraton, Wells Fargo, Marriott, Las Vegas Convention Bureau, R&R
Ed: Rotary Members who work for M&M Mars and Smith Barney
Fred: Dow Chemical-Dow Corning
Teresa: L’Oreal
Johnson Controls
Also the council should approach the NFL or the New Orleans Saints. For an effort that big a
task force would need to be created.
Keith suggested creating an online mechanism for capturing donations. This will work as a “little
fish” tool and it is not meant to solicit big name sponsors. Also sponsors need to know where to
send their donations.
If the council raises more money than needed, the AMA can make a donation or possibly use
the money to fund an internship with the New Orleans Convention Bureau. If it is smaller than
$5500 the money will be kept for other collegiate activities.
2008 Case-Keith Niedermeier reported
McGraw Hill has committed to the case at $50,000. Students should be interested. It is a
product they buy, even though they hate to buy it. The case may involve custom publication,
on-line sales, and sales directly to students. They are very into research. McGraw Hill should
be a judge in the 2007 case and possibly be a sponsor of the 2007 case.
Keith also stated that Glaxo Smith wants to get involved in AMA chapters.
Other companies that may be interested in case opportunities include:
Target, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Phillip Morris, Jack Daniels and Anheuser Busch.
Sylvia will continue working on case sponsors for this year’s case, but her position will not be
Action Items: Teresa will send a link to the council for the case information. Rickie will
talk to Marketing News staff about getting a follow-up article in the Marketing News.
Rickie will also work to create the online giving website and fact sheets or sales sheets
on different ways of giving to the collegiate chapters. Teresa will send another email to
the chapters and the brochures. Teresa will email Jimmy about his duties. Jimmy will
confirm case readers and ask for donations.
Student Conference-Vish Iyer Reported
Vish has many speaker recommendations. He talked with the president of the New Orleans
Professional Chapter. There is a person by the name of Malcolm who is in charge of the Brand
New Orleans concept and he has volunteered to do a welcome to the students. Tom also has a
connection with the Hotard Bus Lines and may be able to coordinate some excursions into New
Confirmed speakers
Jim Logrando
Dan Herbeke
Vish also has leads from the following companies/industries:
Kelly Cooke-Waste Management
Jay Cicero-President of Greater New Orleans Sports
Bill Curl-PR for the Louisiana Superdome
Jay Mumms-Stonebridge CC
Mark Allen-New Orleans Zephyrs
Scott Hosen Cox Media
Raquelle Dushband-New Orleans Convention Bureau
Stephanie Dubois-Office of Film and Video
Scott AgesFaculty Sessions
The top paper will receive $500 and Gail Zank agreed to help with the faculty sessions. Also if
there are not enough papers submitted, Vish will accept abstracts.
Vish was reminded that he needed an exhibit coordinator for the conference.
Action items: Lucille will contact Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans about attending.
Rickie will talk to Michelle DeKinder-Smith about Marketing Research session.
Conference Budget-Rickie Jacobs reported
Rickie explained the conference budget to the council. The importance of Marketing News to
students was discussed. It was suggested not to send students Marketing News as a moneysaver, but the AMA Marketing Department disagrees and feels the Marketing News is another
tangible benefit for AMA students.
Action Items: Jimmy will send out a survey asking students about their use of Marketing
Career Corner-Bill Neese reported
Letters were sent to the companies Bill sent to IH. Grad students are making follow-up phone
calls to all the companies. He has gotten some rejections but about one-third have asked for
more information. Bill needs more specific information to tell interested companies. Space is
the biggest issue. There will be an additional charge for private rooms. The career corner
needs to be sold as planting a seed and should be between $1000-$1500 for tables. Also
companies that come this year will be a “charter” member and next year will be first to refill their
Action Items: Teresa will talk to Cher about space and also L’Oreal about their
experience with career fairs. Teresa will also create a link to collect student resumes.
Rickie will look into emailing the professional chapters about the career corner.
Communications Update-Bill Neese reported
Bill and Gail wrote an article for the [email protected] newsletter. They are also in the process
of writing a communication strategy for the CCC by early March. He would like to see
everything integrated. Starting with the 2007 award winners, Bill will summarize what chapters
are doing and write corresponding articles.
Chapter Awards-Keith Niedermeier reported
Keith reported that he wants to expand the pool of judges and change the score sheet to an
excel spreadsheet. Also he would like to change the way winners are revealed. He would like
to make it more exciting. He also is looking for a council member to manage the chapter
awards program once he is president.
Membership and Chapter Development-Fred Honerkamp reported
Observed Weaknesses
Flat growth Rate
Inaccurate data
No accurate “alert” system to identify schools in danger of dropping AMA
Need to target minority schools
Lack of support materials
Possible Solutions
Target a 10% growth rate; 20 schools
Accurate database
Alert system in place
Incentive system
The goal is to develop a marketing plan for the Collegiate Chapters. Some members felt that
the division has reached its highest potential and there may be no chance for growth. Also it
wasn’t clear to the council if IH wanted the collegiate chapters to expand or not. The council
decided it was best not to go after the elite schools; instead the smaller to middle sized and
ethnic schools may be a better target. It is important for the council to go back to the original
mission and objectives, and either change or build on what was previously started. Also a look
at the competition is needed to see what the AMA offers that other organizations don’t. Heather
at one time did a comparative analysis but it is unclear if she still has this information. The
primary emphasis in the past has been on adding value, now the emphasis may be on growing
the collegiate chapters.
Ethnic School Update-Teresa L. Smith reported
Teresa gave an update of the HBCU and HSI schools. There is a lot of untapped potential in
these schools, IH and the council just needs to figure out the value for them to join.
Jimmy suggested an Ambassador Club. This club will have students from the collegiate
chapters serve as liaisons. They will answer questions from new chapters and try to get
schools interested in starting collegiate chapters. These individuals will also call the “target”
schools to see if there is an interest in AMA. The ambassador schools will call former advisors
and if no advisor is on record, they will call the Department Chair. A new packet needs to be
developed to send to these schools.
Also it was suggested that to continue with the Rebuilding New Orleans theme and to help
develop chapters in New Orleans, that a school may want to adopt a student from one of the
New Orleans collegiate chapters and sponsor them to come to the conference. Fred felt that his
school would be on board. This opportunity will also go out to other chapters.
Bridge Membership
At the conference there will be a one-sided sheet about Bridge Membership. IH will also
change the registration sheet for the conference to reflect a $5 discount. At the conference
Rickie will physically hand the bridge members $5 for joining as bridge member. Also it was
suggested that if they become a bridge member they will receive a copy of the M-Guide. Rickie
needs to talk to Marketing and Publishing to see if this is possible.
Action Items: Rickie will talk to Nancy to see if expanding the collegiate chapters is what
IH wants. Rickie and Fred will develop a new packet to recruit chapters. Teresa will
email Jimmy to remind him about online forum. Teresa will send SWOT analysis of the
past to council members. Teresa will also send council members 10 schools with no
ORF in for this year.
Alpha Mu Alpha-Lucille Pointer reported
There needs to be a special mailing sent out to advisors and Council members need to submit
names. It was suggested that there could be a contest where the top three chapter advisors
would receive an additional $75 coupon. At the 07 conference all advisors in attendance will be
inducted into Alpha Mu Alpha. Fred suggested creating a PowerPoint that has pictures of
everything inductees receive and instructions on how to get started. Also it was suggested that
raffling off a Blackberry, Laptop to advisors can also promote Alpha Mu Alpha.
Advisor Loyalty-Gail Zank reported
Gail polled what other organizations do to see how AMA compares. She suggested putting a
FAQ on the faculty advisor page. She also suggested putting a line on the faculty advisor page
that says “for password, email Teresa Smith”. The council should invite advisors to Vish’s suite
on Thursday night. There also is a need to create a safety packet for advisors to share with
their students about the dangers of New Orleans.
Action Items: Teresa will send CCC, CCC password, and add a line on the faculty page
that states they may email Teresa for their password.
Status of CCC Recruitment-Ed Thomas reported
There are two slots open this year for the CCC. Ed reviewed the previous candidates and
Victoria Panzer’s name was added to the list. Tim Dugan from Florida International University
seemed interested.
Web Site Status-Jack Schibrowsky reported
Jack asked if an email blast could go out to chapters stating that the deadline to enter the
competition is November 15th. He will recruit judges and they will do a currency check on the
websites throughout the year. The final judging will take place in mid-February.
Action Item: Teresa will send an email out to chapters notifying them of the deadlines.
Community Service-Gail Zank reported
Gail is currently soliciting reviewers and will email them next week. Community Service Grants
are due on the 20th.
Big Word and other Fundraising-Rickie Jacobs reported
Rickie described Big Word and how they would want to be involved with our chapters. They sell
discounted text books and the chapters will receive money when they drive students to Big
Word. All agreed that advertising in the Collegiate Connection is fine and possibly down the line
having the case sponsor get a free advertisement in the connection.
IH Update-Rickie Jacobs reported
Rickie reminded everyone that they have a free M-Planet registration. The council has put out a
lot of initiatives at this meeting she suggested that the council may want to create
subcommittees to take on some of the work. The council may want to use those advisors that
are on the “radar” for CCC appointments. She suggested once things are prioritized, a list
should be sent out to faculty advisors with all the opportunities to help the CCC.
Adjournment. Jack moved to adjourn the meeting, Ed 2nd the motion. Lucille adjourned the
meeting at 4:11 pm.
Person Responsible
Action Item
Talk with Marketing News Staff
about doing a follow-up article on
the case competition.
Work with IT to create an online
giving website with specific
information on where to send the
check and who to make the
check out to.
Create sales sheets to describe
the different ways to give to the
AMA Collegiate Chapters.
Look into emailing professional
chapters about career fair
Speak with IH (Nancy) about
expanding the collegiate
Work with Fred to develop a new
packet to recruit new student
Call Michelle DeKinder-Smith
about Marketing Research
Email Jimmy about
 Sending judging
requirements to the
council so they can
recruit case readers
 Sending out a survey to
students that discuss the
importance of Marketing
 Create an online forum
for the council to put
their thoughts about
recruitment and
retention of chapters.
Talk to Meeting Services about
Space issues at the hotel for the
Talk with L’Oreal about Best
Practices with Career Fairs
Create online link to start
collecting resumes immediately.
Send the council past SWOT
analysis and also send 10 no
ORF schools to council so they
can follow-up
Work with Rickie to create a new
packet for recruiting new
End of November
End of November
End of November
All Council
All Council
All Council
chapters (ethnic and non)
Recruit and confirm case judges
Create and send survey to
students about the importance of
Marketing News
Create an online forum for the
council to share ideas about
recruitment and retention of
Create an online survey polling
collegiate chapter activities
Settle on list of experience
speaks presenters and keynote
Contact Ray Nagin about
attending the 07 Conference
Continue working on advisor
loyalty program
Recruit website competition
Continue working on Career Fair
Continue recruiting sponsors for
the 2007 case
Submit ideas for the recruitment
and retention of chapters
Call non ORF schools
End of December
End of November
End of December
End of December
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