GE 347 Group Dynamics Week 1 Homework Assignment

GE 347 Group Dynamics Week 1 Homework Assignment
Instructions: Please type responses to the following writing prompts after reviewing the
chapters in the textbook that cover this week’s unit (Chapters 1 & 3.) Print out (or email)
the responses and submit them to your instructor during next week’s class.
1.1 – Find in the newspaper (or on a reputable news website such as CNN or MSNBC) an
example of a team that has accomplished some goal or result. Describe the
accomplishment and using the characteristics of effective teams (from the text pages
13-15) and describe the teams in terms of those characteristics.
1.2 – Participate in a form of virtual communication and describe the communication.
What other types of virtual communication have you used or could you use in the future?
(Hint – you can always email your instructor as a form of virtual communication.)
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