STUDY GUIDE for AP American Government UNIT TEST chapters 5-7

STUDY GUIDE for AP American Government UNIT TEST chapters 5-7
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Chapter 5---Define the following words:
Political Socialization
What are the major agents of early socialization?
Public Opinion
Gender gap voting:
Look at and interpret your charts in this chapter pg. 145,147, 167!!!!
Which Poll has been around the longest and is pretty accurate?
When taking polls, what factors must play a part of an accurate poll????
How could public opinion polls be criticized?
How could a HOMOGENEOUS community affect you and your opinions?
Does political socialization continue throughout your life? YES or NO circle—
If so who influences your socialization throughout life?
Chapter 6
As of 2009 which Newspaper had the largest daily circulation?
Define the following:
Two-Step flow of communication:
Market driven Journalism:
Mass Media’s function is to…..
“On Background”:
“Off the Record”:
Pack Journalism:
Telecommunications Act of 1996 led to……
Television Hypothesis:
Trial Balloons:
Reasonable Access Rule:
Fairness Doctrine
Chapter 7—Look at the charts!!!
Define the following:
Direct Action:
Conventional Participation:
Unconventional Participation:
Influencing Behavior:
Supporting Behavior:
Harper v. Virginia Board of Elections:
Political Efficacy:
Characteristics of NON VOTERS:
Most countries(not the U.S.) put the burden of Registration on whom?