Questions for Review

Questions for Review
1. What’s the difference between job satisfaction and organizational culture?
2. Can an employee survive in an organization if he or she rejects its core values?
3. What defines an organization’s subcultures?
4. Contrast organizational culture with national culture.
5. How can culture be a liability to an organization?
6. How does a strong culture affect an organization’s efforts to improve diversity?
7. What benefits can socialization provide for the organization? For the new
8. How is language related to organizational culture?
9. How can management create an ethical culture?
10. What criticisms have been made against bringing spirituality to the workplace?
Questions for Criteria Thinking
1. Is socialization brainwashing? Explain.
2. If management sought a culture characterized as innovative and autonomous, what
might its socialization program look like?
3. Can you identify a set of characteristics that describes your college’s culture?
Compare them with several of your peers. How closely do they agree?
4. Today’s workforce is increasingly made up of part-time or contingent employees.
Is organizational culture really important if the workforce is mostly temporary
5. “We should be opposed to the manipulation of individuals for organizational
purposes, but a degree of social uniformity enables organizations to work better.”
Do you agree or disagree with this statement? What are its implications for
organizational culture? Discuss.