Comparing the Two Houses Label the two houses under their

Comparing the Two Houses
Label the two houses under their pictures. Then fill in the rest of the blanks using your textbook.
____House of Representatives____
How can you tell? ______________________________________________________________
The two houses together are called __Congress____________________________
Age: ____25_________
Age: _____30________
Citizenship requirement:
Citizenship requirement:
___7 years______________
______9 years___________
Residence requirement: _state represented___
Residence requirement: _state represented___
Length of term: __2 years______
Length of term: __6 years ______
Presiding officer: _Speaker of the House__________
Presiding officer: _Vice President______________
Alternate: _President Pro-Tempore____
Number of members: __435__________
Number of members: ___100_________
Representation based on: __population____________
Representation based on: _2 from each state______
Amount needed to pass a bill: __majority___________
Amount needed to pass a bill: ___majority_________
Amount needed to override a veto: __2/3___________
Amount needed to override a veto: ____2/3_________
Chapter 5 Section 1
1. What is a bicameral legislature? _2 house legislature_______________________________
2. The census is a population count. How is it used in Congress? _the census is taken every 10 year
and is used to determine how many representatives each state will have_______________
3. What are two benefits members of Congress receive? __franking privilege, travel back to home
Chapter 5 Section 3
4. What is the elastic clause? Allows Congress to do anything “necessary and proper”_________
5. What does it mean to impeach? _formally accuse of misconduct_____________ Why is treason
an impeachable offense? Betrays your country____________________________________
6. Which body (house) of Congress has the power to impeach? _House of Representatives_______
7. Where is the impeached official put on trial? _Senate_______________________________
8. Name the two presidents who have been impeached. Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton_____
9. Which house introduces bills for raising revenue? _House of Representatives__________
10. Which house has to approve treaties? _Senate_______________________ What vote is
needed to approve these treaties? _majority______________
11. Which house approves presidential appointments? _Senate________________ What vote is
needed to approve these appointments? __majority____________________
12. Which house may end up choosing the President? House of Representatives_ When would this
happen? _not a majority of electoral votes___________________________________
Complete the chart by describing the relationship between the terms.
House of
House of
Speaker of the
U.S. Senate
vice president