Cell Division Review

The phase of the cell cycle that
occupies most of a cells life
What occurs after cytokinesis is
• G1
What is correct sequence of cell cycle
• G1, s, g2, mitosis, cytokinesis
Cells that are not dividing remain in
• g1
What occurs in s phase
• Dna replication
The first 3 phases of the cell cycle are
known as
• interphase
Mitosis is the process by which
• Nucleus divides
Mitosis forms cells that are
• Diploid
• identical
Normal cells become cancer cells
• Cells do not respond to checkpoints
How many chromosomes are in the
body cells of an organism that has a
haploid number of 10
• 20
Somatic cells are
• Body cells
• diploid
Gametes are
• Sex cells
• haploid
Crossing over occurs during
• Meiosis
• Prophase 1
What provides new genetic
• Random fertilization
• Random alignment
• Crossing over
DNA is in the form of _____ when the
cell is not dividing
• chromatin
Harmful cancer
• malignant
Checkpoints are checking for:
• Is cell big enough
• Are spindle fibers attached to chromosomes
• Is DNA copied correctly
Harmless cancers
• benign
During what phase does the cell
prepare for division
• G2
The failure of the chromosomes to
separate during division is called:
• Nondisjunction
Signs of Cancer?
• Caution
What phase of mitosis do
chromosomes become visible
• prophase
What is the correct sequence of events
in Mitosis
How many pairs of chromosomes are
present in body cells?
• 23
Differentiate between mitosis and
Crossing over
Two divisions
4 cells
Produces gametes (sperm/egg)
Growth of new blood vessels to
support tumors is called _________.
• angiogenesis
What is trisomy 21?
• Down Syndrome
What is monosomy X?
• Turners Syndrome
What is XXY
• Klinefelter syndrome