SPH 106 Persuasive Speech Assignment

SPH 106 Persuasive Speech Assignment
You will be preparing and presenting a 6-8 minute persuasive speech dealing
with a significant and worthwhile topic. Your goal is to use rhetorical skills
and persuasive techniques to influence your target audience. You will be
giving a persuasive speech on a question of fact (p. 331-333), a question of
value (p. 334-336), or a question of policy (p. 336-337).
Your persuasive speech should meet all the guidelines for effective
informative speaking such as having an adequate introduction and
conclusion, clear organization to support the type of claim you are making in
your thesis, effective use of connectives, adequate supporting materials,
extemporaneous delivery, etc. In addition, you should demonstration an
understanding of the psychological processes of persuasion by using some
combination of persuasive techniques discussed in class. A major emphasis
(25 percent) will be on providing adequate development of supporting
reasons which help make each main point credible to the listeners. You will
need to cite at least three different sources in your speech. Special emphasis
should focus on the citation and qualification of your sources of evidence.
You must use at least one visual aid during this speech.
You will use appropriate organization for a persuasive speech. The question
of fact speech and question of value speech will most likely be organized in
topical organization. The question of policy speech may be organized with
causal organization, problem-solution organization, or Monroe’s Motivated
Sequence organization (pp. 243-245). Monroe’s Motivated Sequence is
used for speeches designed to get the audience to take action (joining
Cahaba River Society, buying a home water purification system, etc.). Be
sure to use transitions to carry your audience from point to point, from
problem to solution, OR to carry your audience through each of the five
steps of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. There are two evaluation forms
attached. One form will be used if you are using problem-solution
organization, topical organization, or causal organization. The second form
will be used if you are using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. These methods
of organization will be discussed during class lecture. Please let me know if
you have questions.
You will turn in a typed, complete sentence outline when you get up to
speak. This typed, complete sentence outline includes a bibliography, and
the outline will count 15 of the 100 points for this assignment.
 You will turn in a typed, complete sentence outline for this speech.
 You will use at least one visual aid in your speech.
 You must cite three sources of evidence during your speech.
 Your speech should be 6-8 minutes in length.
Your textbook covers topic selection on pages 222-226. The topics listed
below should help you brainstorm potential topics for your persuasive
speech. You are not limited to the topics listed below. Your topic must
be suitable and approved for a classroom persuasive speech.