Vocabulary Quiz – Week 1 – August 11-15

Vocabulary Quiz – Week 1 – August 11-15
Name ____________________________
Date _______________
Write the part of speech and definition of each vocabulary word.
1. conceptualize - __________________________________________
2. inconceivable - __________________________________________
3. concept - ________________________________________________
4. conceive - _______________________________________________
Circle the correct answer.
5. Which word is a synonym for conceive?
a. express
b. discover
c. think
d. build
6. Which word is an antonym for inconceivable?
a. impossible b. believable
c. unthinkable
d. incredible
7. Which sentence does not use concept correctly?
a. Matt understands the concept of energy.
b. Angela’s concept of fun is anything to do with sports.
c. We discussed several concepts in science class.
d. You can concept gravity by dropping an object.
8. Imagine you were working to conceptualize a new invention.
Which step would not be a logical part of the process?
a. You come up with an idea in your mind.
b. You write the idea down on paper and try to work out the
c. You look for the invention you need in a book or on the
d. You see a need for a new invention.
Complete each sentence with the correct vocabulary word. You may
need to add a suffix to a word.
9. It is _____________________ to think that any student would
cheat on this quiz.
10.The scientists spend many hours each day
______________________ ideas to help our country deal with the
rising cost of fuel.
11.For your next writing assignment, you need to
___________________ of a story that involves good and evil.
12.Today in social studies, you will study the __________________
of justice and how it fits into our everyday lives.
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