The Industrial Revolution: Dragons Den

Objective: Evaluate the impact of the inventions
that made the Industrial Revolution possible.
How does this work, again?
In your pairs, you will be assigned an
invention that made the Industrial Revolution
Read through your information sheet in your
pairs and note down what possibilities your
invention has for British industry.
You are, in pairs, going to write/present a
business proposal.
You will need to decide how you are going to
use the invention you have been assigned to
make MONEY.
What do we need in order to create a
successful business? How can we make a
Idea – how original is it?
How practical is it?
How profitable is your idea likely to be? The
more the better?
How can you make your business more costeffective?
How clearly and effectively have you presented
your idea to the judges/audience?
Outline the new invention that makes your
proposal possible?
How are you going to use this invention?
What is your proposal?
How will you put your plan into action? Step
by step….
How will this generate money? How are you
making a profit from your investment?