The New Imperialism and its Causes

The New Imperialism and its Causes: Who, What,
Where, When, Why, & How
Some questions you should understand from your text and my comments:
 What defines the “New Imperialism” of European States from 18701905?
 Context: How did Nineteenth Century developments like democratic
revolutions, liberalism, developments in science & industry, and
nation building contribute to the new imperialism?
 How did Hobson and Lenin explain the causes of Imperialism? What
are the limitations of their theory?
 Describe theories of Imperialism that focus on nationalist motives and
the limitations of those theories.
 Discuss explanations of late nineteenth century imperialism that focus
on European culture and ideology? What are the limitations of these
theories? [868-72]
For each of the bulleted items draft a concise discussion and an iconic
symbol and place same on your assignment.
The New Imperialism and its Causes Pt. II
For this portion of the Assignment you (and your partners?) prepare a series
of annotated maps:
1. Africa ca. 1880-1914
2. India ca. 1858
3. China and S.E. Asia ca. 1914
Each map needs a key that shows imperial territories and areas of indirect
imperial domination (i.e. “spheres of influence”)
Additionally maps must be annotated with brief essays that discuss the
imperial domination of each area:
1. The “Scramble for Africa” including the Berlin Conference, the
Congo, the Fashoda Crises, and the Boer War
2. British India, the Mutiny and its effect on imperial rule of the “Raj”
3. A summary of the Chinese experience during this era and just before
including a discussion of the Opium wars, the Treaty of Nanking,
“spheres of influence”, the Sino-Japanese War of 1895, and the
Boxer Rebellion, (bonus pts. For America’s Open Door Policy)
4. Discuss the unique colonial ideology and its expression throughout
the French Empire
Use the entire assembly as an opportunity to understand and explore the New
Imperialism which would see Europeans stamp/stomp Western Civilization
upon the world and in the moment of consequences sow the seeds of
Western retrenchment.