MA 6.22 Solves real-world problems involving elapse time with all time zones.
MA 6.16 Applies various problem-solving strategies to solve problem aligned to this
MA 6.18 Represents problems using mathematical language and justifies answers
using examples.
Directions: Answer the following problems. Show your work.
1. New York is 4 hours ahead of Alaska time zone. When it is 8:30 am Alaska time,
what time is it in New York?
2. When it is 1:00 pm in Elim, it is 11:00 am in Missoula, Montana. Susan takes a 4
3/4 hour plane ride from Elim to Missoula. She leaves at noon Alaska standard
time. What time does she arrive in Missoula?
3. Seattle is one hour ahead of Anchorage and Anchorage is 3 hours behind Chicago.
When it is 7:20 pm in Chicago, what time is it in Seattle?
4. When it is 1 pm Central Time it is 11 am Pacific Time. A train leaves San
Francisco at 7:52 am Pacific Time and arrives in Louisana at 4:27 pm Central
time. How long was the train ride