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Being an Educated Traveler
Register your travel!
Before you travel, be sure to register your travel plans on the Yale Emergency Travel
Registry website so we can contact you to provide help in the event of a major
emergency. You will need to login to the registry using your NetID.
Five More Things to Do Before You Travel
The University strongly encourages all members of the University community who are
contemplating travel abroad for educational or other purposes to plan well in advance
and to take precautions to ensure a safe trip.
In addition to registering your travel, here are five other things you can, and should, do
as soon as you know you will be traveling:
1. Check your passport and visa requirements
Will it expire soon and need to be renewed? If you do not have a passport, apply now
(there may be long waits for U.S. passports). Check the visa requirements for each
country you are visiting to see if you need a visa to enter that country. Yale rates for
passport and visa services are available through CIBT.
2. Visit the Yale Health travel clinic
Make an appointment with the Travel Clinic at the Yale Health Plan, 203-432-0093. For a
fee, the Clinic will provide pre-travel care including consultation, education, vaccination,
travel medications, and, if necessary, referrals.
3. Contact your Dean's Office
Yale College students should contact the Yale College Center for International and
Professional Experience, 203-432-8761. Yale College Student Organizations should refer
to the Domestic and International Travel website for Yale College. Students in the
Graduate and professional schools should contact their school representatives.
4. Consult the UnitedHealthcare Global Member Center
Consult the UnitedHealthcare Global member center (formerly FrontierMEDEX) to
familiarize yourself with this program and print out your Yale UnitedHealthcare Global
card with information on what to do in an emergency. View UnitedHealthcare Global’s
2014 Threat Map for at-a-glance information about country security and medical threat
5. Complete an international travel orientation
Yale’s International Travel Toolkits contain information, tools, and resources devoted to
travel planning, health, safety, and conducting research abroad. The module format,
organized by topic, allows you to find answers to specific questions quickly or navigate
through from beginning to end. Access this resource by user group through the menu
provided below.
Undergraduate students
Graduate and professional students
Faculty, staff & post-docs
Student leaders of group travel
Faculty, staff & postdoc leaders of group travel
Travel Resources
Travel Orientations for:
Undergraduate Students
Graduate and Professional Students
Faculty, Staff and Postdocs
Student Leaders of Group Travel
Faculty/Staff Leaders of Group Travel
More Tools and Guidance:
What to do in an Emergency
Register your Travel!
Health Insurance Summary for Travelers
Yale Travel Management
UnitedHealthcare Global Member Center
Gift-giving Options and Guidelines
Build-a-Customized-Orientation Tool
Travel Alerts
Cuban and Iranian Embargoes Lifted?
Not so Fast…Restrictions Remain on Certain Academic and Research Activities. If you
have or are considering activities or collaborations in Iran or Cuba, note that changes in
U.S. sanctions have not yet...
Zika Virus Information
Read the University message on risks associated with the Zika virus, recommended
precautions for travelers to areas where the virus is present, and...
Changes to Kenyan Visa Regime
Effective September 1, 2015, visitors to Kenya who require a visa (including US citizens)
must apply online using the...
UK Immigration Health Fee
Effective immediately, travelers to the UK who will be staying for more than six months
will be required to pay an Immigration Health Fee, providing the traveler with access to
health services while in the UK. The amount of the fee will vary depending upon the
Traveling with Extra Batteries: EHS Guidance
Before you travel anywhere by air, be aware there are restrictions on transporting Li
(lithium) batteries. Read EHS’s July 2015 Safety Bulletin for details.
Global WiFi Access for Yale Travelers
Starting March 26, 2015, the Yale community will be able to use wifi networks in 65
countries worldwide through a service called eduroam, developed for the international
research and education community. To learn more about this resource, visit...
Turkey Visa Requirement Changes
As of July 5, 2015, travelers to Turkey will no longer be able to obtain a visa on arrival,
but instead will need to apply for an e-visa prior to travel. Yale travelers to Turkey may
wish to contact CIBT...
Things to Leave Behind (when you travel abroad)
Before you go, read OSAC’s short discussions of import restrictions that U.S. travelers to
other countries may not expect: electronic devices,...
Changes to Ethiopian Visa Regime
Travelers destined for Ethiopia on a business visa must now obtain pre-authorization from
the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality Affairs in Addis Ababa before requesting a
visa from the Ethiopian consulates in the U.S. Yale travelers to whom this applies may
New Visa Requirements for Venezuela
As of March 2, U.S. tourists traveling to Venezuela will need to apply for a tourism
visa. For further information, visit the U.S. Embassy website.
Travel Warning Issued for Mali
The U.S. State Department has issued an updated Travel Warning for Mali as a result of
heightened security concerns.
FrontierMEDEX is now UnitedHealthcare Global
The FrontierMEDEX travel assistance program has been renamed “UnitedHealthcare
Global.” The company will continue to provide the same services to Yale travelers as
before: international and domestic emergency evacuations related to medical, political,
and natural...
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