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Courseware 1730
QuickBooks Premier 2013 – Level 1
MasterTrak™ Accounting Series
Course Description __________________________________________________
QuickBooks Premier 2013 Level 1 teaches you how to perform daily accounting tasks in the General
Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll. This course is geared towards
someone who will be primarily doing data entry in QuickBooks.
Basic Skills Checklist ________________________________________________
The following list summarizes skills learned in Microsoft Windows – Level 1 that students should be
comfortable with for this courseware. It is assumed that the student has completed or is familiar with
accounting fundamentals. In addition, it is important to understand how a business functions to fully
understand the concepts discussed.
Take a few minutes to review the following items to ensure you are familiar with them:
moving around the screen
getting Help in Windows
moving around with the mouse and keyboard
accessing menus and making menu choices
using the Start button
using the Control button
using the Minimize, Restore, and Close
using Windows programs
sizing and moving windows
using the scroll bars
managing documents
using the toolbar and ruler
running multiple programs
working with the Explorer
emptying the Recycle Bin
using the Clipboard
finding documents
navigating folders
creating, deleting, renaming, copying, and
moving files and folders
using flash drives or burning CD’s
working with the Control Panel
using the Print Manager
using TrueType fonts
using the Accessories
The following is a list of basic accounting terms that you should also be familiar with before taking this
assets, liabilities, and equity
balance sheet
trial balance
income statement
debits and credits
ledger accounts
entering journal transactions
Canada: 1•800•668•1669
United States: 1•888•997•4224
 posting transactions
 entering payables and receivables
 inventory tracking
 provincial government remittance process
for PST
 federal government remittance process
On the web:
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Courseware 1730
QuickBooks Premier 2013 – Level 1
MasterTrak™ Accounting Series
Courseware Outline _________________________________________________
About This Courseware
Courseware Description
Course Objectives
Course Design
Conventions and Graphics
Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson Objectives
Managing QuickBooks Files
Starting QuickBooksLesson
Opening and Restoring
QuickBooks FilesReview
- To Start This Lesson
Looking at the QuickBooks
- Using the QuickBooks Menus
Lesson Objectives
Using the QuickBooks Icon
BarBank Account Reconciliation
General Journal Transactions
- Creating Journal Transactions
- Creating Memorized Journal
- Recalling Memorized Journal
- Adjusting Previously Posted
General Journal Entries
- Reversing General Journal
- General Journal Report
Backing Up QuickBooks Data
Lesson Summary
Review Questions
Lesson 2: Inventory and
- To Start This Lesson
- Working with the Inventory
Managing the Inventory List
Creating Inventory Accounts
Creating Inventory Items
- Item List
- Service Items
- Non-Inventory Items
- Inventory Part Items
Units of Measure
Creating Service Items
- Managing Inventory and
Service Item Data
Inventory Reports
Canada: 1•800•668•1669
United States: 1•888•997•4224
Lesson Summary
Review Questions
Lesson 3: Vendors and
Accounts Payable
Lesson Objectives
- To Start This Lesson
- Working with the Vendor
Managing the Vendors List
- Creating Vendor Records
- Modifying Vendors
- Modifying a Credit Limit
Making Purchases
Understanding the Workflow
- Entering Vendor Bills
- Writing Cheques
Memorized Payment
Creating Purchase Orders
Filling a Purchase Order
- Receiving Items
- Receiving Vendor Bills
Finding and Modifying Bills
Paying Vendor Bills
Printing Cheques
Vendor Reports
Lesson Summary
Review Questions
Lesson 4: Customers and
Accounts Receivable
- To Start This Lesson
- The Customer Centre
- The Customer & Jobs List
- Modifying Customer Records
Working with Price Level Lists
Recording Sales
- The Workflow
- Create Sales Receipts
- Entering Sales Orders
- Entering Sales on Invoice
Viewing, Adjusting and Deleting
Sales Invoices
Payments and Credits on
- Receiving Payments
- Refunds and Credits
- Applying a Credit
Adjusting Payments
Recording Deposits of Payments
Customer Reports
Lesson Summary
On the web:
Review Questions
Lesson 5: Employees and
Lesson Objectives
- To Start This Lesson
Payroll Overview and Set Up
- Payroll Options
Payroll Item List
Employee Centre
Employee Records
- Creating Employee Defaults
- Adding a New Employee
- Editing Individual Employee
Maintaining Current Tax Tables
Payroll Cheques and Pay stubs
- Produce Payroll Cheques
- Creating Payroll Schedules
- Printing Payroll Cheques
- Printing Pay Stubs
Remitting Payroll Liabilities
Creating Employee and Payroll
Lesson Summary
Review Questions
Lesson 6: Reporting,
Miscellaneous and Year End
Lesson Objectives
- To Start This Lesson
Creating and Printing Financial
Company Snapshot
Using the Calendar
Reminders and Alerts
Managing Sales Tax
- Handling GST/HST
- Handling and Remitting
Provincial Sales Tax
- Verifying Data Integrity
- Year End Procedures
Closing the Books
Closing Dates in QuickBooks
Lesson Summary
Review Questions
Appendix A: Practice Exercises
Appendix B: Glossary of Terms
Appendix C: Index
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