January 17.2016 newsletter

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The weekly Newsletter of
St George’s Church, Nailsworth
Sunday 17th January 2016
Services Sunday 17th – Second Sunday of Epiphany
11.00 am Family Communion
6.00 pm One Voice at Christ Church
Isaiah 62.1-5; 1 Corinthians 12.1-11 & John 2.1-11
242; 392; 473; (C) 311; 270
The miracle at Cana reveals Jesus to be the Messiah
to the disciples for the first time. But it shows us
that Jesus came to be with the ordinary people alongside them in the everyday lives and problems.
That is our calling, too. How ready are we really to
share with the world around us?
This week at St George’s
Monday, 18 Jan
Mike’s day off
Tuesday, 19 Jan
9.00am Prayer Group
2.00pm Mission Group Meeting
3.00pm Holy Communion at Winslow House
5.45pm Minpins (until 7.00pm)
Weds. 20 Jan
10.00am Holy Communion
11.00am Service at Quaker Meeting House
1.00pm Women’s World Day of Prayer
Committee Meeting (until 3.00pm)
Thursday, 21 Jan 6.30pm Service at Christ Church
7.30pm NO Thursday Study Group this
Friday, 22 Jan
10.00 am Little Angels Toddler Service
7.00 pm Choir Practice
Saturday, 23 Jan .............................................................
Sunday 24th
January – 3rd Sunday of Epiphany
11.00am - Holy Communion
6.30pm Service at the Woodchester Priory
A warm welcome to everyone. Thank you for being with us today. If
you are visiting or new to this church, please make yourself known to
Mike, our Vicar, Sue our Curate or Clare or Roger, our
Churchwardens. Do join us after the service for refreshments in the
Parish Room & please take this leaflet home with you or pass it on!
Please pray for:
Those is residential care: Dr Monica McLaren & Rosemary
Those who are ill: Louise Cook, Sheila Tout, Tony & Jenny
Evans, John Humphries, Mike Davis & Ruth Stephens
Walking the streets: Crystal Fountain
Our Diocese: Our five overseas partner Dioceses especially
today the Diocese of Dornakal, Bishop Prasada Rao. We pray for
the rights of Christians and all minority religious groups in India
to be upheld and for good relationships between the faith
Our Deanery: Holy Trinity, Minchinhampton; Saint Barnabas,
Box; Holy Trinity, Amberley. Clergy: Helen Bailey, Brian Atkinson,
Sandy Emery, Brian Andrews, Alison Guy, Michael Tucker, John
Hunnisett, Readers: Linda Jarvis, Deborah Curram.
Intercessions for this week
Lord God, strength of the weak and light to all who walk in
darkness, help us to proclaim your saving power not only in
words but by our lives....We ask you to bless all preachers and
teachers of the faith....Guide all who study scripture and who are
learning through sharing with others, especially in the house
Lord, we pray for the world and a right use of its resources....We
ask your blessing on all who are suffering from natural disasters
& those suffering from famine or flood....We remember all whose
resources are running low and we pray for the world’s poor and
all without work or shelter.
We give thanks for our well-being and we pray for all who are
struggling at this time....We remember all suffering from
disability or weakness, all losing mobility or agility....We pray for
all who do not have the strength to cope on their own and ask
your blessing on all those who have been taken into care.
We give thanks for the resurrection and for the promise of eternal
life....We pray for our friends and loved ones departed and ask
that they may know the newness and fullness of life in your
kingdom...We rejoice in the fellowship of all your saints and pray
that we may share with them in glory.
Young Voices: On Friday 29th January at 7.00 pm there is to be
a concert in church by all the schools that went to Young Voices
in Birmingham. This will include Nailsworth and Horsley Primary
Schools. Also the Minpins will be performing. This is a free event.
However, we could do with some cakes for refreshments. There is
a list in church if you can help by providing cakes or by helping
on the day. Many thanks
New Toilets: Work on installing the new toilets has begun and
will last for around 3 more weeks. Sorry for any inconvenience
(no pun intended!). The existing toilet etc. should still be in use –
but there may be occasional noise or dust in the Parish Rooms
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: begins on Monday 18th
January. The programme is as follows: Wednesday 20th 10.00 am
Communion at St George’s; 11.00 am Service at the Quaker
Meeting House; Thursday 21st 6.30 pm Service at Christ Church;
Sunday 24th 6.30 pm Service at the Priory, Woodchester.
Sunday February 14th – Valentine’s Day: We would like to
make something of Valentine’s Day again this year with the
opportunity for people to renew their vows together. We hope you
will invite friends, family & neighbours! It would be great to have
a small exhibition as well of wedding dresses, photos, orders of
service etc. We particularly would like photos as we are planning
a quiz/treasure hunt to see who can spot who! If you think you
may be able to offer something, please have a word with either
Mike or Karen. We will produce invites soon for people to use to
invite people.
Joint Meeting with Christ Church: Just to keep people
informed, there was a meeting last week between the PCC and
the Leadership Team of Christ Church to discuss how we might
work together in Mission. It was a very useful time together. The
intention is to put together a Steering Group from both churches
to discuss things further.
The Refugee Crisis & Stroud Furniture Bank – The Furniture
Bank are speaking to the Council and GARAs as they are
organising the 10 or so families who will be coming to the District
in February. We are currently stockpiling furniture to use as
needed; we have a good selection, but we are still short of
bedroom items such as chest of drawers, wardrobes and beds. As
a project we also run all year round to help support local families
in the District and seek employment for those who find it hard to
get work. Therefore we can collect and re-use a variety of items.
Any which are not suitable to give to the families we sell to
subsidise the project. If anyone would like information please do
get either email ([email protected]) or phone
(01453 367260)
Calling all Knitters: Samara’s Aid in Stroud are inviting knitters
to knit or crochet 8 inch squares (20cm) in bright or dark colours
to be made into blankets. These can be dropped off at Chalford
Baptist Church, Coppice Hill, on Wednesday mornings at the
Drop-In (Lower Buildings) between 10 and 12 noon where they
will be joined up and packed. Or we can collect them in church
and drop them off in bulk. Double knit or Arran wool would be
ideal. Simple instructions for straight or diagonal squares can be
found online.
Do you remember: Steve and Cathy Burgess who were our CMS
partners working in Kenya? They returned to live in Bristol so
their teenage children could finish their education in Britain. Steve
still works for CMS, commuting four days a week to CMS
headquarters in Oxford. He uses his experience to advise other
missionaries going to Africa. ( Information from John Amos).
THE CHILDREN'S SOCIETY 2015. The money collected for this year is..
Blue savings boxes... £623-52. Christmas cards.. £156-25. Crib service
collection.. £189-32. Donations from 'Christmas card tree'.. £43-18. The
total being.. £1012-27. Thank you to everyone...Marguerite.
Fairest Lord Jesus, lord of all creation, Jesus of God and Mary the
Thee I would cherish, Thee I will honour, O thou my soul’s delight
and crown.
Fair are the meadows, Fairer still the woodlands, robed in the
verdure and bloom of spring. Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer, He
makes the saddest heart to sing.
Fair are the flowers, fairer still the sons of men, In the freshness
of youth arrayed:
Yet is their beauty fading and fleeting; my Jesus, thine will never