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CNT 4007C
Fall 2014
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Office Hours:
Course Website:
Computer Network Fundamentals
Shigang Chen
CSE E452
214 9215
Monday 11:40am – 1pm (or meeting by email appointment)
[email protected]
Class Room:
Class Hours:
CSE E121
M/W/F, 4th period, 10:40am – 11:30am
TA Office:
Office Hours:
Min Chen
CSE E309
Wednesday, 1pm – 3pm
[email protected]
Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet, 6th Edition by James
F. Kurose & Keith W. Ross, published by Addison Wesley.
Course Description:
This course teaches principles of design and analysis of computer networks. The Internet is
used as a case study to showcase the fundamental principles. Most of the course focuses on
network protocols at the application, transport, routing, and data link layers. It covers a
variety of technologies, including (but not limited to) HTTP, DNS, TCP/IP, congestion
control, routing algorithms, multicasting, 802.11, wireless systems, etc., which together have
led to the Internet's phenomenal success.
Chapters covered:
Chapter 1: Computer Networks and the Internet
Chapter 2: Application Layer
Chapter 3: Transport Layer
Chapter 4: Network Layer
COP 3530 (data structures and algorithms), CDA 3101 (introduction to computer organization)
and COP 4600 (operating systems). Students should be familiar with elementary graph theory
and basic probability. You should be able to write programs in Java, C, C#, or C++.
Attendance .. ...................5%
Project ......... ...................30% (three project assignments)
Homework ... ...................12% (four homework assignments, 3% each)
Midterm Exams................28% (two exams, 14% each)
Final Exam ... ...................25%
Final Total Score (out of 100)
92 or above
Below 50
Letter Grade
There will be two midterm exams and a final exam. All exams are closed-book.
There will be 4 take-home (open-book) assignments over the course of the semester, for
Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, respectively. Each homework will be due one week after the
corresponding chapter is completed in class. The exact date will be given at the end of each
chapter. Students should work individually on their homework assignments. Each assignment
will count for 3% of the final grade. Late submission within 3 days will result in a penalty of
half the points. No late submission will be accepted beyond 3 days. Solutions will be given
out three days after the due day. The instructor will explain the solutions in class, and thus
the homework will not be graded or returned. 3% is received for completing the homework in
There will be two project assignments. The first assignment will be given in September. The
second assignment will be given in October.
Students are required to attend the class. Sign-on sheets will be handed out in 6 randomly
selected class meetings. You will receive the full 5% attendance grade if you sign on for five
out of the six. Each additional missing class costs 1%.
A course site will be set up in Canvas e-learning system for homework/project submissions
and viewing grades.
- For undergraduate level 1000-4000: “A C- will not be a qualifying grade for critical
tracking courses. In order to graduate, students must have an overall GPA and an upperdivision GPA of 2.0 or better (C or better). Note: a C- average is equivalent to a GPA of
1.67, and therefore, it does not satisfy this graduation requirement. For more information on
grades and grading policies, please visit:”
- Honesty Policy – All students admitted to the University of Florida have signed a statement
of academic honesty committing themselves to be honest in all academic work an
understanding that failure to comply with this commitment will result in disciplinary action.
This statement is a reminder to uphold your obligation as a UF student and to be honest in all
work submitted and exams taken in this course and all others.
- Accommodation for Students with Disabilities – Students Requesting classroom
accommodation must first register with the Dean of Students Office. That office will provide
the student with documentation that he/she must provide to the course instructor when
requesting accommodation.
- UF Counseling Services –Resources are available on-campus for students having personal
problems or lacking clear career and academic goals. The resources include:
·UF Counseling & Wellness Center, 3190 Radio Rd, 392-1575, psychological and
psychiatric services.
· Career Resource Center, Reitz Union, 392-1601, career and job search services.
- Software Use – All faculty, staff and student of the University are required and expected to
obey the laws and legal agreements governing software use. Failure to do so can lead to
monetary damages and/or criminal penalties for the individual violator. Because such
violations are also against University policies and rules, disciplinary action will be taken as
appropriate. We, the members of the University of Florida community, pledge to uphold
ourselves and our peers to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.