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PNL 03/2011
May 01, 2011
Dear Confreres
Easter Joy
The Sacrifice of Jesus through His Passion and Death was not the end of everything. It culminated in
something very spectacular and an out-of-the-ordinary kind of experience: The Resurrection! New Life,
New Hope, Renewed Joy, and a New beginning was what it meant to Jesus’ close followers. We too like
the disciples on the way to Emmaus recalling the things that led to Jesus’ suffering and death; but we also
recall the Easter Joy they experienced as they discovered that Jesus was alive and in their midst. May our
Easter Joy be complete as we let this experience touch upon our lives.
It is now the time of transfers – some of us are in it, and some are out of it; but most of us will be affected
by it. Transfers involve change and sometimes challenge; change because we move from one place to
another; challenge because we move from one assignment to another. It also involves new responsibilities
which the new assignment demands of us; and it involves sacrifice – giving up what I was happy doing,
and accepting the new job entrusted to me, especially when it is outside my comfort zone. Yet we know
that change, challenge, responsibility and sacrifice are all part of the reality of life. The more we
encounter it, the stronger we become.
Our attitude Counts
Someone sent me a SMS that said: “A happy person is happy not because everything is RIGHT in his life;
he is happy because his attitude towards everything in life is RIGHT”. I see a lot of truth in this statement.
I must appreciate the generosity of the members for graciously accepting the new assignment entrusted to
them. Their willingness to surrender themselves to the Will of God was evident as they accepted their
new responsibilities. For, as far as the transfers are concerned, it was not what I wanted that has
happened; but, with the help of God, the best thing has happened. It is true some things could have been
thought of differently; but in the given circumstances, this seemed the best. Either we can make the best
of this change, or allow the change to take its toll on us. Or to put it differently, either the change itself
will bring about good, or we will need to bring good out of the change. Our attitude has to be RIGHT!
Best Wishes
While I wish all those taking up new assignments the very best, I am particularly mindful of the newly
ordained priests, as they take up their first appointments. Everything’s going to be new to them. Let us
stand by them, support them and guide them in the initial years of their priestly ministry. I also thank all
the outgoing confreres for their selfless and dedicated service.
My Mother….May her Soul Rest in Peace
I also take this opportunity to thank all of you for your love and prayerful support, during the difficult
time of my mother’s death. Many of you offered prayers and expressed your condolences to me and my
family. I cannot thank each of you individually, but know that I am very appreciative of your kind
concern. May the departed soul of my mother rest in Peace.
Wish you all a Grace filled Easter Season!
Yours Fraternally
Fr. Pedro Camilo Simoes, SAC
29. Appointments and Transfers
The Provincial Council in its meeting held on April 28-29, 2011 at Assumption House, Bangalore,
finalized the following appointments and transfers in the Province.
Fr. Joji Babu Tuneti- Asst. Parish Priest & Boarding Incharge, St. Vincent Pallotti Church. Amaravati.
Fr. Manuel Fernandes- Asst. Parish Priest, St. Vincent Pallotti Church, Banaswadi, Bangalore.
Fr. Kuyili Abraham Durai - Asst. Parish Priest, St. Augustine’s Church, Kulasekharam.
Fr. Illango Joseph Antony Raja - Asst. Parish Priest, St. Anthony’s Church, Mudfort.
Fr. Laban Nanduri - Asst. Parish Priest & Boarding Incharge, Catholic Church, Palakol.
Fr. Jose Domingo Carvalho
- Asst. Parish Priest, St. Joseph’s Church, Pernem.
Fr. John Prakash Pereira - Asst. Parish Priest, Our Lady of Vailankanni Church, Farla.
Fr. Naveen Prakash D’ Souza - Assigned, Mangalore Diocese.
Fr. Ignatius Justin D - Prefect, Pallotti Vidyanam, Vijayawada.
Fr. Ranjith Kumar Alphonse
- Priest Incharge, Good Shepherd Society, Sanpada.
Fr. Maria Kiran Pudota - Prefect, Pallotti Home, Chicalim
Fr. John Britto - Academic Incharge & Bursar, St. Vincent Pallotti School, Pallottiyagam, Salem.
Fr. Reginald Mascarenhas - Local Rector, Goa Local Community (With effect from May 01, 2011)
Fr. Beniz Gomes - Lecturer, Pallotti Institute of Philosophy & Religion, Assagao.
Fr. Frderick D’Souza - Spiritual Director, Pallotti Jyothi Niwas, Chandor.
Fr. Balaswamy Madanu - Apostolate, Street Children, Hyderabad.
Fr. John Paul Raj - Parish Priest, St Vincent Pallotti Church, Thirunagar, Madurai. Spiritual Director,
Pallotti Illam, Madurai.
Fr. Joji Reddy
Fr. Rayappa Reddy
Fr. Claudy Vas
Fr. Caetano Crasto
Fr. Anthonyswamy Muthana
Fr. Moses Savarimuthu
Fr. Bala Showry Rudrapogu
- Parish Priest, St. Vincent Pallotti Church, Amaravati.
- Mission Secretary & Rector, Assumption House, Bangalore.
- Director, Preparatory Formation, Pallotti Jyothi Niwas, Chandor.
- Bursar, Pallotti Home, Chicalim.
- Director, Jeevodaya, Dornahalli, Mysore.
- Manager, Prakash Estate, Kaliyal.
- Bursar and Teacher, St. Vincent Pallotti English Medium School,
Fr. Prashanth Kumar
- Parish Priest, Divine Mercy Church, K.R. Nagar, Mysore.
Fr. Sathyanesan P.
- Parish Priest, St. Augustine’s Church, Kulasekharam.
Fr. Melwin D’ Souza
- Parish Priest, St. Vincent Pallotti Church, Kadle, Kumta.
Fr. Arun Rodrigues
- Prefect, Pallotti Illam, Madurai.
Fr. Gnanasikamani Pilavendran - Bursar, Pallotti Illam, Madurai.
Fr. Jaya Paul
- Bursar, Pillar, Madurai.
Fr. Lourdraj Ganaprakasam
- Parish Priest, Our Lady of Grace Church, Meenachiapuram.
Fr. Charles Fernandes
- Parish Priest, St. Vincent Pallotti Church, Mumbai.
Fr. Paulo Dias
- Asst. Parish Priest, St. Vincent Pallotti Church, Mumbai.
Fr. Gilbert Mascarenhas
- Incharge, Marol Project, St. Vincent Pallotti Church, Mumbai.
Fr. John Peter Lazar
- Lecturer, Prabodhana, Mysore.
Fr. Selvaraj Antonisamy
- Bursar & Lecturer, Prabodhana, Mysore.
Fr. Peter Patrick Mendes
- Apostolate, Villa de Pallotti, Parra.
Fr. Packia Raj Chinnappan
- Parish Priest, St. Joseph’s Church, Pechiparai.
Fr. Anto Vijayan
Fr. Alex Crasta
Fr. John Christopher
Fr. Siluvai Edwin
Fr. J. Maria Vara Prasad
Fr. Daniel Prakash D’souza
Fr. Babji Merugu
Fr. Irudaya Paul Raj
Fr. Stanisluas D’ Souza
Fr. Benedict Montero
Fr. Manuel Raj
- Priest Incharge, Christ the King Church, Rasayani.
- Parish Priest, St. Sebastian’s Church, Tormas.
- Director, Pallotti Vidyanam, Vijayawada.
- Director, Millennium High School, Pallotti Nivasam, Warangal.
- Academic Incharge, Millennium High School, Warangal.
- Hostel Incharge & Teacher, Millennium High School, Warangal.
- Parish Priest, St. Vincent Pallotti Church, Palavelpula, Warangal.
- Parish Priest, Arputha Annai Church, Mela Thirupanthurithy,
Fr. Sam Ferix
- Prefect, Anbaham, Chennai.
Academic Incharge, St. Vincent Pallotti Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Chennai.
- Director, Pallottiyagam, Salem.
Correspondent, St. Vincent Pallotti School, Salem.
- Parish Priest, St. Jude’s Church, Salem.
Additional Charge, AIDS Rehabilitation Center, Salem.
Fr. Arokiasamy Santhiago
Fr. Susayan Sathyanesan
- Parish Priest, Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Ukkinadka, Mangalore.
- Parish Priest, St. Joseph’s Church, Sannenahalli,Tiptur, Bangalore.
- Director, Anbaham, Chennai.
Correspondent, St. Vincent Pallotti Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Chennai.
The appointments and transfers will take effect from June 01, 2011. Hearty Congratulations to the newly
ordained and best wishes to all the Confreres as they take up their new responsibilities.
Fr. Jerome Mariadhasan
Fr. Roque Teodorio Gonsalves
Fr. Avil D’cunha
Fr. Joseph kiran Madanu
- Doctorate in Social Science, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.
- Licentiate in Scripture, Rome, Italy.
- Systematic Theology, Vallender, Germany.
- Pallottine Formation Course, Rome, Italy.
Working Abroad
Fr. Norbert Sequeira
Fr. Hendrica Rebello
Fr. Thomas D’ Souza
Fr. Sahaya Stanly
Fr. Vensus George
Fr. Gregory Polishetty
Fr. Michael Almeida
Fr. Clement Martis
Fr. Kiran Thumma
Fr. John Bhaskar Rao Madanu
- Asst. to the General Bursar, Generalate, Rome
- Detroit, USA.
- Fortworth, USA.
- Grand Rapids, USA.
- Sag Habour, USA.
- Switzerland.
- Switzerland.
- Caymen Islands, UK.
- Canadian Delegature, Canada.
- Cape Town, South Africa.
Assignments of Deacons
Rev. John Paul Polishetty
- Teacher, St. Vincent Pallotti School, Salem.
Rev. Thomas Simon Lobo
- Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Ukkinadka, Mangalore.
The assignments will take effect from June 01, 2011.
Temporary Assignments of Members proposed to work Overseas
Fr. Gregory Polishetty
Fr. Michael Almeida
- Anbaham, Chennai.
- Pallotti Nivasam, Warrangal.
Fr. Avil D’Cunha
Fr. Thomas D’Souza
Fr. Sahaya Stanly
Fr. Clement Martis
Fr. Kiran Thumma
Fr. John Bhaskar Rao Madanu
Fr. Norbert Sequeira
Fr. Roque Teodorio Gonsalves
Fr. Joseph Kiran Madanu
- Pallotti Home, Chicalim.
- St. Sebastian’s Church, Tormas.
- Casa Pallotti, Assagao.
- Pallotti Vidyanam, Vijayawada.
- Casa Pallotti, Assagao.
- Pallotti Illam, Madurai
- Assumption House, Bangalore.
- Assumption House, Bangalore.
- Assumption House, Bangalore.
The members temporarily assigned to the different communities are expected to process the paper works
to obtain their visas and also help in the community activities in their respective places of assignments.
The assignments will take effect from June 01, 2011.
30. New Ventures
The Provincial Council has decided to take up Three New Parishes this year:
 St. Vincent Pallotti Church, Palavelpula,Warangal Diocese.
 The Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Ukkinadka, Mangalore Diocese.
 Arputha Annai Church, Mela Thirupanthurithy, Kumbokonam Diocese.
We wish our confreres the very best as they begin working in these parishes and assure them of our
prayerful support.
31. Report of the Local Rectors Meeting
A meeting of the Local Rectors along with the Provincial Administration, was held at Assumption House,
Bangalore, on April 12, 2011. The main reason for calling this meeting was to take into confidence the
Local Rectors, and seek their views on some important issues. Chief among them were: 1) The structure
of our Local Communities. 2) Handing over at the time of transfers. 3) The management of our schools.
4) New education code to govern our educational institutions. 5) Various self sufficiency projects,
including new projects such as Bangalore and Mumbai.
After having a fruitful discussion and after taking into consideration their input on various issues, it was
decided to have follow up measures on some of the things that need action.
32. Information
We are in the process of making new celebrats for the year 2011-12. Those members who wish to give
their recent photos for the same, kindly send them to [email protected] or
[email protected] or [email protected]
The photos should reach the Provincialate latest by June 15, 2011.
33.Pallottines Mission Sunday
The Pallottine Mission Sunday was Celebrated on Sunday before Ash Wednesday in most of our
parishes/communities. We thank all the members for their active support and cooperation in
conscientising the people about the need to pray and support the missions. Those parishes and
communities who have not yet sent their contribution to the Mission Secretariat are kindly requested to do
so at the earliest.
34. Telephone/Mobile Numbers and E-mail Ids.
Mobile Numbers
Fr. Walter Tuscano
- 07795342518
E-mail Ids
The New Email Id of the Province is - [email protected] The old e-mail id
([email protected]) will cease to function in the near future.
Fr. Walter Tuscano
- [email protected]
35. Condolences
We deeply mourn the sad demise of Mrs. Santana Maria Pereira, the beloved mother of Fr. Pedro Camilo
Simoes, the Provincial. She expired on 21 April, 2011. We pray for the repose of the departed soul and
express our heartfelt condolences to Fr. Camilo’s family members! May the Lord be their consolation at
this time of sadness!
36. Council meeting
The next Council meeting will be held on 29th & 30th June at Prabodhana, Mysore.
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