The Great Gatsby

Study Guide for Final Assessment
The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald
I. Multiple Choice
 Nick stated that he was one of the few honest people he knew.
 Daisy can be characterized as melodramatic in her speech and lacking
 Myrtle Wilson is described as full-bodied, sensuous, and “putting on airs”.
 The green light at the end of Daisy’s dock can be considered a symbol for the
unwavering hope that a person clings to for survival.
 The color most often associated with George Wilson is gray.
 Dr. T.J. Eckleberg was an abandoned optometrist’s billboard, which might
also symbolize an all-knowing type of god-like presence.
 Gatsby and his gold tie and silver shirt represent his need to reflect wealth and
material success.
 Although a child dressed in white may represent innocence, for Daisy and
Jordan, white is equal to emptiness, shallowness, and lack of basic values.
II. Short Answer (5 each)
You will need to answer any five of the following in detail; use exact references to
specifics in the novel to support your answers.
a. Characterize Tom Buchanan.
b. Describe Gatsby’s funeral.
c. What is the “Valley of Ashes”?
d. What insights did Gatsby’s father give Nick concerning his son’s background?
e. Describe the relationship between Nick and Jordan.
f. Describe George Wilson.
III. Mandatory Short Essay: In two to three paragraphs, you will respond to the
following prompt. For this section only, you may use your lined paper answers from the
homework study guide chapters. You may also use your book, if you have brought it to
class on the test date.(43 points)
What is the American Dream? What does this novel say about the attainability of the
American Dream? Explain Gatsby’s dream and whether or not he succeeded in fulfilling
his goals. In your discussion, relate the consequences of achieving/not achieving one’s
dream, as demonstrated by Jay Gatsby. Mention other key characters from the novel
in your response.