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Gatsby day!
Before the Bell
Get your folder from the bin in the back,
and take it to your desk!
Warm Up: Great Gatsby
Write down the answer to the following questions:
What kind of people are Tom and Daisy? Nick?
What do we learn about Gatsby’s background in these chapters?
What is the American Dream based on these chapters?
Find a quote that represents their American Dream. How is it
Watch the clips from Midnight in Paris.
How are the authors characterized?
What is used to further this characterization?
What do you feel about these people?
Gil meets the Fitzgeralds
Gil, the Fitzgeralds, and Hemingway
Here are the Characters
1. Gatsby
2. Daisy
3. Tom
4. Jordan
5. Nick
6. Myrtle
7. George
Discussion Questions
Answer the following questions as a group.
Who is your character? Describe their personality and appearance.
Write three main adjectives that describe your character.
What is going on in the plot with your character right now?
1. Name of the Character needs to be written in BIG letters across the top.
2. Picture of the character (detailed drawing to match the description).
3. THREE different quotes written on the poster and CITED correctly that describe
the character’s physical appearance and personality.
4. A SLOGAN: a short, catchy description that would be easy to identify for that
“Alexander the great”
“America’s Sweetheart”
“Honest Abe”
What would their iPhone look like?
Based off the character descriptions and personality traits, create a cell phone for
your character.
What applications would they have used?
Who would they be texting (show the conversation)?
Who might they have missed calls from?
What would a picture be on their phone?
• Who is your favorite character in Gatsby so far?
What is something that you like/dislike about them?
What is something that you find interesting?
How does Fitzgerald make the characters come alive through the story?
*If you finish early: Read Gatsby
Chapter 4 Discussion of Characterization
• How is Gatsby characterized through this chapter?
Why do you think that Gatsby cares about what Nick thinks about him?
Pg. 63 where it says, “At nine o’clock in the morning in late July”…
Let’s read this part together.