2014-15 - Gr8.. - Dominican International School

Dominican International School
Grade Level: 8
1 Year, 1 Credit
SY: 2014-15
Teacher: Mr. Wakeling
Email: [email protected]
Welcome to Language Arts! Eighth grade English Language Arts is the study of skills in reading literature and nonfiction, vocabulary usage, grammar, speaking, and listening. Written skills will be enhanced through vocabulary
development, journal writing, grammar activities, and reading comprehension quizzes and tests. All of these components
are intertwined with one another and by dissecting and analyzing these components one will be able to become a more
effective communicator. Students will also develop appropriate speaking skills, as well as listen to, view, and evaluate
There will also be a significant amount of class time devoted towards class discussions; therefore, it is vital that students
cooperate, remain open minded, and willing to accept opinions other than their own during class discussions.
This course will foster students’ ability to read critically, write more effectively, and communicate efficiently; providing
the foundation for High School.
The English department has adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in K-12 English Language Arts which
were released by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School
The CCSS for English Language Arts are based on research and evidence that describe the competencies necessary for all
students to become college and career ready by the end of high school. The CCSS outline a vision of what it means to be a
literate person in the 21st Century.
The CCSS are organized into four strands:
 Reading (Informational and Literary)
 Includes Reading Foundational Skills
 Writing
 Speaking and Listening
 Language
• Knowledgeable person
• Effective communicator
• Complex thinker
• Self-directed learner
• Quality producer
• Contributing citizen
Students should be able to:
 build vocabulary for speaking, listening, reading and writing.
 productively use academic vocabulary words to answer questions about a short passage.
 write short reflections about the literature selections.
 read and identify a variety of literary genres.
 identify literary terms related to a literature selection and comprehend their meanings and uses.
 identify reading skills and comprehend their meanings and uses.
 read the literature selections with insight and comprehension.
 analyze and discuss the literature selections in depth.
 independently read a novel.
 apply the various grammar rules taught correctly, and recognize and correct mistakes found in their written work.
The quarterly grade will be awarded for all student work based on the following criteria:
 Grammar, Spelling, Journal Writing, Class participation, Vocabulary Worksheets - 1/3 of quarterly grade
 Reading Comprehension, Novel, Vocabulary Assessments - 1/3 of quarterly grade
 Quarterly Exams - 1/3 of quarterly grade
G8 - McDougal Little Literature Textbook
G8 - Houghton Mifflin English Textbook
G8 – Wordly Wise 3000
Our school website: http://www.dishs.tp.edu.tw/
Online Dictionary: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/
Publisher website: http://www.classzone.com / http://www.eduplace.com/rdg/hme/6_8/
 Writing materials
 Dictionary and thesaurus
 Notebook
 Pocket folder for quarterly handouts and work (Sections – reading, vocabulary, grammar…)
 Portfolio folder (large) for storing all of your quarterly pocket folders
 A5 notebook for your literature journal
All students are expected to follow the rules. Consequences will follow if rules are broken.
1. Come to class on time and be prepared.
2. Have a positive attitude and be willing to learn.
3. Respect yourself, others, and our school.
4. Always complete your work and try your best.
5. Actively participate, listen carefully, but don't speak out of turn.
Plagiarism is a serious offense and a form of theft. In certain cases, it is also a criminal offense. It is defined as taking
words, phrasing, sentence structure, or any other element of the expression of another person’s ideas, and using them as if
they were your own. Plagiarism is a violation of another person’s rights, whether the material stolen is great or small – it
is not a matter of degree or intent. Plagiarism has serious consequences. Any act of plagiarism will result in an
automatic zero on the entire assignment.
 All assignments must be turned in on the day they are due.
 1 day late = Minus 10%
 2 days late = Only 60%
 3+ days late = Project-I & Only 60%
 If a student has been absent, it is his/her duty to find out what work is due, and hand it in a day later.
 Verbal warning, second reminder (if needed)
 Write-Up and then referral to the Discipline Office.
 Parent-Teacher conference.
Q1 - COURSE CONTENT - SY: 2014-15
(NB: Depending on time and interest, the teacher may delete and/or add other selections.)
Aug. 11th - 15th
No classes Monday
Mass Friday
Combined classes – Mainstream and ELL (8 Lessons)
Mon. – no class / orientation / open house
Tue. – Placement test
Wordly Wise – 2L: Lesson 1
Literature – 2L: U1: Reader’s Workshop: Plot & Conflict - p.24
Aug. 18th - 22nd
Wordly Wise – 1L: Lesson 1 - Cont.
Literature – 2L: U1: Reader’s Workshop: Plot & Conflict - p.24
Raymond’s Run - p.32 (Fiction-Short Story)
Novel: Holes Ch.1-10, p.1-51
Aug. 25th - 29th
Wordly Wise – 2L: Lesson 2
Literature: Raymond’s Run - p.32 (Fiction-Short Story)
Grammar – 1L: U1: Kinds of Sentences p.34 (Review)
U1: Complete Subjects and Predicates p.37
Novel / YSC Prep: Holes Ch.1-10, p.1-51 / Play – The Hitchhiker p.86
Sept. 1st - 5th
Wordly Wise – 1L: Lesson 2 - Cont.
Literature: The Tell-Tale Heart p.76 (Fiction-Short Story / Social, P.E. & PSD Link)
Grammar – 2L: U1: Simple Subjects and Predicates p.40
U1: Finding the Subject p.43
Novel: Holes Ch.11-20, p.52-94 (Ch.1-10 Test – HW: Ch.11-20)
Sept. 9th - 12th
Moon Fest Monday
Wordly Wise – 2L: Lesson 3
Literature: My First Free Summer p.110 (Nonfiction-Memoir / History Link)
Grammar – 1L: U1: Compound Subjects and Predicates p.46
Novel / YSC Prep: Holes Ch.11-20, p.52-94 / Play – The Hitchhiker p.86
Sept. 15th - 19th
Fire Drill Tuesday
Wordly Wise – 1L: Lesson 3 - Cont.
Literature: U2: Reader’s Workshop: Characters and Point of View p.162
Grammar – 2L: U1: Compound Sentences p.51
U1: Conjunctions p.54
Novel: Holes Ch.21-30, p.95-140 (Ch.11-20 Test – HW: Ch.21-30)
Sept. 22nd - 26th
Maths Day Friday
Wordly Wise – 2L: Lesson 4
Literature: Rules of the Game p.222 (fiction-Short Story / Social & PSD Link) p.222
Grammar – 1L: U1: Complex sentences p.57
Novel: Holes Ch.21-30, p.95-140
Sept. 29th - 3rd
Wordly Wise – 1L: Lesson 4 - Cont.
Literature: Rules of the Game p.222 – Cont.
Grammar – 2L: Review Q1 Grammar
Novel: Holes Ch.31-40, p.141-181 (Ch.21-30 Test – HW: Ch.31-40)
Quarter Review
Oct. 6th - 7th
No Classes Weds/Thurs
10/10 Hol. Friday
Wordly Wise: Review for Lessons 1-4
First Quarter Exams
Q2 - COURSE CONTENT - SY: 2014-15
(NB: Depending on time and interest, the teacher may delete and/or add other selections.)
Oct. 13th - 17th
Novel: TEST - Holes Ch.21-30, p.52-94 (HW: Ch.31-40)
Wordly Wise – 2L: Lesson 5 – Word Study & Activities
Reading: U3 - Reader’s Workshop: Setting and Mood p.310
Grammar: U2: Nouns kinds - p.82
Oct. 20th - 24th
Science/Faith Conf.
Thurs. – Sat.
Wordly Wise – 1L: Lesson 5 – Passage & Questions
Reading: U3: The Monkey’s Paw p.358 (fiction - short story)
Grammar: U2: Compound and Collective nouns p.85
(NO Middle School - Thurs. – Fri.)
Oct. 27th – 31st
Masquerade Friday
Wordly Wise – 2L: Lesson 6 – Word Study & Activities
Reading: U3: The Monkey’s Paw p.358 (fiction - short story)
Grammar: U2: Singular and Plural nouns - p.90
U2: Possessive nouns - p.94
Novel: TEST - Holes Ch.31-40, p.141-181 (HW: Ch.41-50)
Nov. 3rd - 7th
Wordly Wise – 1L: Lesson 6 – Cloze Exercise
Reading: U3: The Story of an Eyewitness p.396
Grammar: U3: Verb Kinds - p.112
U3: Subject Verb Agreement - p.152
Novel: Holes Ch.41-50, p.182-233
Nov. 10th - 14th
Wordly Wise – 2L: Lesson 7 – Word Study & Activities
Reading: U3: Letters from New Orleans: Leaving Desire p.358
Grammar: U3: Verb Phrases - p.115
Novel: TEST - Holes Ch.41-50, p.182-233
Nov. 17th -21st
Wordly Wise – 1L: Lesson 7 – Passage & Questions
Reading: U4 - Reader’s Workshop: Theme and Symbol (p.442)
Grammar: U3: Tenses - p.118
U3: Forms of be, have and do - p.122
Young Shakespeare Rehearsals (1 period)
Nov. 24th -28th
T.G. Mass Thursday
YSC Friday
Dec. 1st - 5th
Grammar: U3: Irregular Verbs – p.125
U3: More Irregular Verbs – p.129
Young Shakespeare Final Rehearsals (3 periods)
Wordly Wise – 2L: Lesson 8 – Word Study & Activities
Reading: Pandora’s Box p.454 (Greek Myth – Theme)
Grammar: U3: Progressive Forms p.132
U3: Transitive and Intransitive Forms – p.137
Dec. 8th - 12th
Wordly Wise – 1L: Lesson 8 – Cloze Exercise
Reading: U4: The Old Grandfather / The Wise Old Women p.465
Grammar: U3: Direct and Indirect Objects - p.140
Dec. 15th -19th
Second Quarter Exam Week
Monday and Tuesday – Quarter Review/Exam Preparation
Weds and Thurs – Exams, half days
Friday – Mass, Christmas Play and Class Party (half day)
Dec. 20th – Jan. 4th
Christmas Holiday