Kagan, 514-520

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MR. ZOLLO 2015 - 2016
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KAGAN, 514-520
1. Explain how Voltaire’s cry, “Crush the Infamous Thing,” summed up the attitude of a number of philosophes
toward the churches and Christianity.
2. Define Deism: explain its meaning, origin and why philosophes often followed this belief system.
3. What are the two main points of the informal deist creed?
4. Describe the goals of deist and its spread in Europe.
5. What are the main ideas of Voltaire’s Treatist on Tolerance
6. What are the main ideas of David Hume’s Inquiry into Human Nature?
7. How did Edward Gibbon explain the rise of Christianity? Why is this considered an Enlightened view?
8. What type of position did Baron d’Holbach embrace?
How did Baruch Sponoza and Moses Mendelsohn contribute to the Enlightenment? Write complete answers.
10. How was Islam viewed during the Enlightenment? As you read this section, what are the three or four most
important ideas?
11. Explain why Denis Diderot and Jean Le Rond d’Alembert’s Encyclopedia is considered to be the most
monumental undertaking in the realm of print culture during the Enlightenment? Make sure your answer includes
the scope of the book and its popularity.
12. How did the views of intellectuals concerning religion change over time, from the Reformation through the
Enlightenment? (Write a thesis!)