Report Questions

04.05 PPT ACT
Apply Correct Report Format
PowerPoint Assignment
1) Use the PowerPoint presentation on report formatting to find the answers to the
following questions.
2) Create a word processing document to respond to the assignment questions.
a) Key your heading in the header
b) Type each question in bold and unbold your answers
c) DS between questions.
Assignment Questions
1. What is the difference between an academic report and a business report?
2. What is the difference between an unbound report and a left bound report?
3. How should the margins be set for an unbound report?
4. What should be the alignment of the report title?
5. What is the line spacing after the report title?
6. If a title has more than one line, what should be the line spacing between the main
heading and the secondary heading? What would be the line spacing between the
secondary heading and the body of the report?
7. What should be the line spacing in the body of the report?
8. How are side headings keyed in a report?
9. Explain how page numbers are usually formatted in an unbound report?
10. Create a bulleted list of the key pieces of information found on a title page.
11. Explain the spacing rules for keying a title page?
12. How should each line of text be horizontally aligned on a title page?
13. What is the purpose of a bibliography?
14. How are sources organized in a bibliography?
15. What type of indention is used when formatting sources in a bibliography?
16. What type of line spacing should be used within and between each source?