the abstract template

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Abstract Title
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Author´s Name1, Author´s Name2, ..............
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Type Institution Affiliation name, e-mail: Author´s email;
2 Type Institution Affiliation name, e-mail: Author´s email.
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Type here the text, font size Calibri 11 and single spacing. The text length must be between 300 to 500
words including the Title. The Abstract must not include tables, figures or bibliographic references. Please,
don´t change this page format.
The main body of the abstract, information on financial support (optional) and three key words (required)
must be separated by commas as shown in the example below, and they should not exceed this page
Abstracts in Portuguese or in English (highly recommended) are accepted. The archive must be submitted in
pdf format.
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Financial Support: optional and all in one line
Key words: word1; word2; word3 (all in one line).