Grant Application Form – notes for applicants
The notes below are intended to help you complete your application form. You may also find our application
guidelines useful (downloadable from
Please note that the Ecology Building Society Charitable Foundation’s key criteria when assessing grant
applications are:
Promoting sustainable development for the benefit of the public, by the preservation, conservation and
the protection of the environment and the prudent use of natural resources
Promoting regeneration and sustainable development with a focus on environment conscious building
Organisation / Applicant
Key contact
Telephone number(s)
Email address
Please give the name of the person who we should
contact regarding this application.
Please give the main contact address for your
Please give the number(s) on which we can contact the
person named above. If the person is only available at
certain times, please indicate this here.
Please give the email on which we can contact the person
named above.
If your organisation has a website, please enter the
address here.
For example: Registered Charity / Social Enterprise / Trust
/ Community Group.
About your organisation
When was your organisation established?
Annual income
Bank account details
How many staff and/or volunteers does
your organisation have?
Does your organisation have a
constitution or set of rules?
Please provide a brief summary of your
core activities
Please enter the year in which your organisation was set
Please give your income for the previous year of your
organisation’s operations. If possible, please include a
copy of the previous year’s financial summary. If your
organisation is new, enter ‘Not applicable’.
Please include details of your organisation’s bank account
including account name, account number, sort code and
branch. Please note that we cannot make grant payments
to accounts held by individuals.
Please include all full time and part time staff and
We need to ensure that the organisations we fund are well
run. A basic constitution or simple set of rules will provide
evidence of this. If you have such a document, please
include a copy with your application.
Explain here what your organisation seeks to achieve and
its main activities. You do not need to go into a lot of detail
– a brief list of points is sufficient.
About your project
What, specifically, would our funding be
used for?
How does this project fit with the aims of
the Charitable Foundation?
Explain here the project which our funding would be used
for. Please be specific. If the funding you are requesting
does not cover the entire cost of the project, please also
explain what part of the project our grant will fund.
You need to show that the money will be spent in a way
which meets the aims of the Charitable Foundation. Please
refer to the key criteria at the start of this application form.
Budgets and timescales
Include a brief outline of when your project will start, when
it will finish, and significant milestones. This does not have
What is your project’s timescale?
to be detailed. Include any considerations which may affect
the timetable and if possible include a contingency.
Enter the amount you are applying for here. The upper limit
How much are you requesting?
is £6,000.
If you are requesting funding for the entire project, enter
the same figure here. If the grant will only fund part of the
What are the overall costs of your
project, enter the total cost of the project here. If possible,
please attach a full project budget. Please provide a cost
breakdown, e.g. materials
If the grant will only fund part of the project, you need to
How will the remaining costs be sourced? show that you have considered how you will secure the
rest of the funding.
Outcomes and evaluation
You need to identify clearly the people or places that will
Who or what will benefit from your
benefit from your project. Try to be as specific as you can.
If your project will benefit people, please include an
estimate of how many people will benefit.
What changes will your project bring about? These could
What will be the key outcomes of your
be changes in the lives of people, changes in the
environment or other types of change.
You will need to gather evidence of the impact that your
How will you measure the success of
project makes. This could be pictures, stories, surveys,
your project?
interviews, or case studies – anything that captures the
changes you have seen.
Other information
If successful in your application, would
This may include using your organisation’s name or logo,
you be willing to take part in publicity for providing an interview or photo to the media, or featuring
the Charitable Foundation?
on our website and in our newsletter.
We want to make as many organisations as possible
How did you hear about the Ecology
aware of our grants, so it helps us to understand more
Building Society Charitable Foundation? about how people find out about us. This information will
not be used in the assessment process.
Remember to include the following documents if available:
 Constitution or set of rules
 Previous year’s financial summary
Project budget.

Grant Application Form – notes for applicants