special lecture - Umehara laboratory

DATE: 15:00-16:30, June 25 (Mon), 2012
Lecture Rm#231, 2nd Eng. Bldg.
Nagoya University
・An Overview of the Mechanical Industrial
Engineering at University of Toronto
・Research Activities in Mechanics and Aerospace
Design Lab
Professor Shaker Meguid, PhD
Director of Mechanics and Aerospace Design Laboratory,
University of Toronto, Canada
An Overview of the Mechanical Industrial Engineering at University of Toronto
The MIE Department is home to undergraduate programs in Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial
Engineering, and graduate programs that specialize in a wide range of mechanical and industrial
research areas. From nanoengineering to robotics, human factors to bioengineering. Researchers in our
department are on the cutting edge of the latest technologies that are revolutionizing our world.
Formerly two separate departments, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering programs
amalgamated in 1995 to create the current Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department. Today
the department is home to approximately 54 faculty members, 468 graduate students, 1,400
undergraduate students and 30 administrative/technical staff. Professor Meguid would provide an
overview of the department and the city of Toronto.
Research Activities in Mechanics and Aerospace Design Lab
In the Mechanics & Aerospace Design Laboratory (MADL), we work in cutting edge research that is
both challenging and stimulating. We are unique in the sense that we adopt highly sophisticated
modelling and simulation techniques to real industrial problems and our work is fundamental to many
engineering fields. We cover a wide spectrum of advanced mechanics, engineered materials and
aircraft design problems spanning the different length and time scales; from nanometres and
femtoseconds to metres and seconds. In this presentation, Professor Meguid will cover some of his
most up-to-date research in the areas of nanocomposites, morphing wing of unmanned aerial vehicles,
birdstrike, prosthetic implants, among many other exciting topics.
Professor Shaker Meguid obtained his Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics
from UMIST, England. He taught different branches of Applied
Mechanics in 4 continents, including Oxford University, Cranfield
University (England), University of Toronto, Cairo University
(Egypt) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU-Singapore).
His research activities have contributed significantly to the areas
of nanoengineering, computational mechanics, advanced and smart
composites, fracture mechanics and failure prevention. He has
published over 400 papers in leading tier-1 scientific journals and
international conferences and symposia. He not only organised but
also contributed to numerous symposia as keynote and plenary speaker. He is the founding
Editor-in-Chief of Int. J of Mechanics and Materials in Design, Guest Editor to a number of
Journals, Former Technical Associate Editor of ASME J. of Engineering Materials and
Technology (for two consecutive terms), and a member of the editorial board of numerous
journals. He is also the Editor of six international conference proceedings and author of two
textbooks. He is the founding head of the Aerospace Division of NTU, Singapore. He holds the
titles of Distinguished Visiting Professor in Tongji University (China), Porto University (Portugal),
external examiner to Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland), University of Putra Malaysia
(Malaysia), and an Engineering Consultant to the United Nations. He is a lifetime senior member of
AIAA, member of the American Academy of Mechanics, Professional Engineer in the Province of
Ontario PEng, Chartered Engineer in Great Britain CEng, Fellow of ASME, and Fellow of IMechE.
He works closely with the aerospace and automotive industries and is regularly approached by
members of the media for clarification of engineering issues. Professor Meguid and his students
won many awards including the recent innovation award in nanoengineering by ASME. In 2012, He
won the prestigious European Robert Hooke Award for Experimental Mechanics.
For more info:
Umehara Laboratory
Dept. of Mechanical and Science Engineering,
Nagoya University
TEL 052-789-2785
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