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E-Z Assembler for SAGE PFW
Product Overview
STC E-Z Assembler is the right solution to handle simple “one-step” customized Item configuration/
assembly from Raw Materials to Finished Goods without need for a complex Manufacturing System.
It greatly expedites and enhances control over inventory management compared to Sage PFW’s
Kitting function. Advanced features vs. Sage PFW Kitting are a multi-line Batch Entry Window & the
ability to move completed Batches into regular Finished Goods Inventory (or commit them to sales).
MF Menu Tab displays E-Z Assembler’s ten Menu Options >
Three of the menu options are used in daily processing, The other 7 are
configuration settings. For 1-2-3 daily workflow, a simple “Bill of
Materials” multi-line Item Entry window allows fast and easy item
configuration and generation of Production Batches /Tickets from
available Raw Material or Kit Items. Normal flow would be
1)Item/BOM/Batch Entry, 2)Committing the Batch to production and 3)
Posting the completed Batch to “back flush” all Inventory activity
associated with that Batch [relieving Raw Materials & updating Finished
Goods]. Note that Production Activity can be entered “after the fact” and
flushed through the process in a single step.
System Setup Screens control the Processing flow and Document generation
Transaction Processing Setups
Overhead Transactions Setup
Labor Transactions Setup
Daily Processing Screens run the system
Bill Of Materials
(BOM) Screen allows
fast and easy
reconfiguration and
customization of
“Master Items”
Production Work
Orders Screen allows
fast, easy generation
of Production Orders
(w/Sales Order
Reference) from
Manufacturing Post
can be run for any
range of Production
Orders in Trial or
Final Mode.
The Inventory Post
may (optionally) be
called to finalize all
relevant activity from
this Order.
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