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COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Virtual Campus, Islamabad
Admission Form (Undergraduate)
Form Number:
Study Center:
(as Preferred examination center)
Session : Spring 2016 [ SP16 ]
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Test Slip
Section One: Candidate Information
Name [In Block Letters]:__________________________________________________________
Father’s Name [In Block Letters]:___________________________________________________
Date of Birth: __ / __ / ____ [ dd/ mm/ yyyy]
CNIC / Form B No : [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
CNIC Type:
Nationality : ______________ Domicile : ________________
Parent / Guardian
Select Program :
First Choice: ______________ Second Choice:_______________ Third Choice: ______________
Section Two (A) : Contact Information
Email: ______________________________
Current Residential/Postal Address: ______________________________________________________
City : _______________________________
Telephone : _________________________
Permanent Residential/ Postal Address: __________________________________________________
Admission Form: Spring 2016
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Virtual Campus, Islamabad
City: _______________________________
Telephone: __________________________
Section Two (B): Educational Details
Major Subjects Year
Total Marks
Section Two (C): NTS Score (if already given)
Test Center
Test Date
Roll No.
Total Marks
Obtained Marks
Section Two (D): NTS Registration (If Registered for NTS in Some other Center)
NTS Center Name
NTS Roll No
Admission Form: Spring 2016
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Virtual Campus, Islamabad
Section Three: UNDERTAKING
I, Mr. / Ms. _________________________ __Son / Daughter of ___________________________ hereby
solemnly declare that the information provided on this form is true and correct to the best of my
knowledge. I have read and understood all the instructions provided in the current prospectus and fully
agree to abide by them. I further undertake that I have sufficient financial resources required for the
program of study at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Virtual Campus (CIIT VC).
I also solemnly affirm, declare and undertake that:
I shall abide by the rules and regulations enforced at CIIT VC at present and those which may be
enforced at any time in the future.
b) I shall conform strictly to the code of conduct for the students of CIIT VC.
I shall at all times should respectful behavior towards management, faculty and my fellow
I shall not, through my act, speech or gesture, incite any feelings, which are derogatory to any
sect, ethnic group, caste, religion, creed, sex, or place of origin.
I shall not indulge in any political activity, including unionism or political groupings.
I shall protect and preserve the property of CIIT VC at all times and shall make all out efforts to
prevent others from causing any damage or destruction to the Institute’s property.
I shall fully abide by the decisions of teachers, various discipline committees constituted for the
purpose of ensuring and enforcing discipline and good order in the institute and of other
I undertake to pay fees and other charges regularly by the due date, failing which I would be
liable to pay late fees.
If I am found involved in any unlawful activity in contravention of the above terms and
conditions at any stage during my stay at CIIT VC, the institute shall have the right to cancel my
admission without notice.
Signature of Applicant __________________________________
Applicant CNIC __________________________________
Guardian Signature
Guardian CNIC __________________________________
Date __ / __ / __ [dd / mm / yyyy ]
Admission Form: Spring 2016
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Virtual Campus, Islamabad
Check list
1. Printed copy of Admission form
2. Paid Challan Form or Demand Draft/Pay Order of RKR 1,000/- in favor of "CIIT Virtual Campus,
3. Four recently taken (3 cm x 2 cm) color photographs
4. Two attested Copies of CNIC or Form-B issued by NADRA (National Database Registration
5. Two attested copies of all academic certificates/ degrees/ equivalent certificates.
6. Hope Certificate/Affidavit (To be notarized on Rs. 20/- Stamp Paper) mandatory for result
awaiting applicants only.
7. Undertaking (To be notarized on Rs. 20/- Stamp Paper) mandatory for all applicants.
8. Any other relevant document(s).
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For Office Use Only
Admission of Mr. / Ms. ___________________________________ in Program____________________
having Form Number _______________ is
Provisionally Approved
Not Approved
In Charge Admissions /
Convenor Admissions Committee
Date: __ / __ / ____
Admission Form: Spring 2016