bid21815 Guided Information Exploration Final

UNC -218-15
1. Project Overview.
a. Project: The University of Northern Colorado (“UNC”) seeks to hire a
software development firm to assist UNC with the user interface
design, content programming, troubleshooting, assessment, betatesting and revision, rollout of the completed apps, and technical
support in the development of a Guided Information Exploration
Application (“GIE” pronounced “Gee!”) as further defined in Paragraph
4, below.
b. Overview: The biggest challenge for both instructors and students in
applied fields of study is making the connection from basic physical
and physiologic principles to complex and often seemingly unrelated
real-world application. But without this connection, students struggle
to develop crucial critical thinking skills that will allow them to
analyze, evaluate, and create new knowledge. Currently available
computer-based resources only expose students to basic concepts but
are not able to bridge the gap between basic principle and application.
We are developing a new framework for interactive web applications
that can help students to “make the connection”. This new framework
is called Guided Information Exploration (or “GIE”, pronounced
“Gee!”); a student-driven, active process that encourages and guides
students to explore relevant concepts and how they relate to complex
application. GIE applications will be interactive and innovative.
Instructors can’t make the connection FOR students, but we CAN
expose them to relevant information and guide them as they make the
connection themselves. When implemented, performance data will be
assessed and used to measure Student Learning Outcomes at the
course and program levels. This data will be used for program review
and accreditation reporting and to aid in the development of future
GIE framework based applications for many disciplines.
c. Objectives:
i. To establish a framework for GIE for a series of multi-platform
(Windows, IOS, mobile) standalone educational apps to teach
applied discipline-specific concepts.
ii. Specific features of apps to include:
1. Numerous interactive elements, which may include
features such as multi-media input and output, signal
processing and graphic display and output, etc.
(described below).
2. Record-keeping, data processing, and basic analysis of
user input
3. Tracking of user progress through a series of
4. Summative reports of user performance
iii. To develop, implement, and test (assess) at least two of these
educational apps utilizing the new GIE framework. Apps will
be revised based on assessment of performance prior to final
2. Administrative Information
a. Sole Contact for this Documented Quote process is Cristal Swain,
Executive Director of Purchasing & Contracts.
b. Solicitation Schedule
i. Questions regarding this solicitation should be sent to
[email protected] or fax (970)351-1142 no later than
Monday, October 6, 2014 at 5:00pm MDT.
ii. Due Date: Friday, October 10, 2014 at 2:00pm MDT
iii. Responses may be emailed to [email protected] or faxed
to (970)351-1142 to the attention of Cristal Swain. Late
quotes will not be considered.
c. Evaluation and Award
i. Finalist selection and final award will be based on the quote
deemed to be the most advantageous to the University at the
University’s sole discretion using the following criteria (for
1. Experience with the development of similar
2. Cost
3. Personnel qualifications
d. Documented Quotes (UNC Procurement Rules)
In the case of goods or services, the award will be made to the quote
determined by the Procuring Agency to be the most advantageous to
the University, price/cost being the primary consideration. The
determination of whether the quote is acceptable and meets the
minimum requirements of the solicitation is solely within the
discretion of the Procuring Agency. No formal evaluation system or
methodology is required for any documented quote process. The
University reserves sole right to determine suitability of product
3. Insurance Requirements
a. Standard Workers’ Compensation and Employer Liability as required
by state statute, including occupational disease, covering all
employees on or off the work site, acting within the scope of their
b. Commercial General Liability Insurance written on ISO occurrence
form CG 00 01 10/93 or equivalent, covering premises operations, fire
damage, independent contractors, products and completed
operations, blanket contractual liability, personal injury, and
advertising liability (state anticipating HIPAA coverage) with
minimum limits as follows:
i. $1,000,000 each occurrence;
ii. $2,000,000 general aggregate;
iii. $2,000,000 products and completed operations aggregate;
iv. $50,000 any one fire; and
v. Per Project General Aggregate Limit. If any aggregate limit is
reduced below $1,000,000 because of claims made or paid,
Contractor shall immediately obtain additional insurance to
restore the full aggregate limit and furnish to the University a
certificate or other document satisfactory to the University
showing compliance with this provision.
c. Automobile Liability Insurance covering any auto (including owned,
hired and non-owned autos) with a minimum limit as follows:
$1,000,000 each accident combined single limit.
d. Professional liability insurance with minimum limits of liability of not
less than $1,000,000.
e. Other insurance as may be required by law, or in a specific
solicitation. All policies evidencing the insurance coverages required
hereunder shall be issued by insurance companies satisfactory to the
f. The State of Colorado-University of Northern Colorado shall be named
as additional insured on the Commercial General Liability and
Automobile Liability Insurance policies (leases and construction
contracts will require the additional insured coverage for completed
operations on endorsements CG 2010 11/85, CG 2037, or equivalent).
Coverage required of the contract will be primary over any insurance
or self-insurance program carried by the State of Colorado.
g. Insurance shall include provisions preventing cancellation or nonrenewal without at least 30 days’ prior notice to the University by
certified mail.
h. Contractor will require all insurance policies in any way related to the
contract and secured and maintained by the contractor to include
clauses stating that each carrier will waive all rights of recovery,
under subrogation or otherwise, against the State of Colorado, its
agencies, institutions, organizations, officers, agents, employees and
Contractor shall provide certificates showing insurance coverage
required by this contract to the University within 7 business days of
the effective date of the contract, but in no event later than the
commencement of the services or delivery of the goods under the
contract. No later than 15 days prior to the expiration date of any such
coverage, the contractor shall deliver the University certificates of
insurance evidencing renewals thereof. At any time during the term of
this contract, the University may request in writing, and the
contractor shall thereupon within 10 days supply to the University,
evidence satisfactory to the University of compliance with the
provisions of this section. Certificate/s of adequate insurance
coverage and endorsement/s of additional insured coverage. Copies of
the insurance certificate can be faxed, as noted below, and should be
followed by the hard copy of the certificate being mailed to UNC’s
Purchasing Office. The Additional Insured portion should read as
UNC Purchasing Director
Carter Hall 1002, Greeley CO 80639
FAX (970)351-1142/PHONE (970)351-2288
j. Notwithstanding subsection A of this section, if the Contractor is a
“public entity” within the meaning of the Colorado Governmental
Immunity Act, CRS 24-10-101, et seq., as amended (“Act’), the
contractor shall at all times during the term of this contract maintain
only such liability insurance, by commercial policy or self-insurance,
as is necessary to meet its liabilities under the Act. Upon request by
the University, Contractor shall show proof of such insurance
satisfactory to the University.
A University Purchase Order will not be issued nor payments made
until the insurance certificate has been received and approved as
meeting the standard requirements. If this award can be renewed for
additional years, it is the Contractor’s responsibility to keep the
certificate current throughout the contract
4. Scope of Work: The scope of work includes user interface design, content
programming, troubleshooting, assessment, beta-testing and revision, rollout
of the completed apps, and technical support for the duration of the project.
Specific requirements include the following:
a. Compatibility: The finished apps must operate on multiple platforms,
including laptop/desktop PC and mobile devices utilizing Apple iOS,
Windows 7 and 8 (including Windows 8 Mobile devices), and Android
operating systems. Interactive elements, including any multi-media
components, must be compatible with all platforms.
b. GIE Framework Unique Design and Features: The contractor will work
with the UNC GIE Team to develop the GIE framework that will
encompass a “standard” user interface and content flow model to use with
numerous applied apps for various topics. Contractor will produce user
interface prototypes during this process which will encompass custom
project-specific graphics and design.
i. The GIE framework will include implementation of numerous
(approximately 10-15 per app) Content Modules (repurposable
components that encompass explanation of and interaction with a
single major concept. Content Modules may be re-used in more
than one discipline-specific GIE App.). The framework will also
support individual user tracking and outcome measures, and
integrate into multiple-user reports.
ii. Content Modules will each include interactive elements. It is
anticipated that each Content Module will contain numerous
interactive elements, however the actual number of elements per
module will be determined by the specific content. These
interactive elements of the GIE framework apps will include (but
are not limited to):
1. Video samples (provided by the UNC GIE Team)
2. Constrained interactive physics-based and physiologicbased demos (features constrained to pre-programmed
options). Users will control parameters (variable) of these
demos. Users will input data to control function of the
3. Input/output of user audio, photos, and video.
4. Processing of audio files and recorded (input) audio
(spectral analysis, intensity calculation, filtering, etc.)
5. Assessment: Capture/saving of individual user responses
6. Ability to save/track user progress along evaluation
questions displayed on the app
7. Ability to save output (audio in common audio file formats,
data plots in PDF or other common file formats, etc.) to the
user’s device.
8. Ability to store user data & use (by instructors on remote
devices) to measure Student Learning Outcomes at the
course and program levels. The data will be used for
program review and accreditation reporting.
9. Ability to summarize multiple user performance/outcomes
based upon pre-determined groupings.
iii. Up to 20 “Side Concept Modules” per GIE App. These modules
will contain static content only (e.g. annotated figures, links to
external websites, lists of references, paragraphs describing a
single concept, etc.). The UNC GIE Team will supply that
discipline-specific content.
c. App Implementation: The contractor will work with the UNC GIE Team
to implement the apps and assess functional performance. The contractor
will work with the GIE Team at UNC to revise/redevelop apps as
necessary based on assessment. Final deployment of the apps will be
following successful revision/redevelopment.
d. Testing: Contractor will perform thorough testing of the apps, including
any necessary bug fixes, of all functionality prior to app implementation.
e. Warranty Support: Contractor will provide technical and warranty support
throughout the duration of the project and for a mutually-agreed upon
period following the project completion (see Timeline below). This will
i. Training in app setup/implementation/maintenance.
ii. Answers to app-related technical questions by the UNC GIE Team
iii. Preparation and implementation of any bug fixes for
performance/functional issues as identified by the UNC GIE Team
iv. Support for management of app releases.
5. Tentative Project Timeline.
Fall, 2014 - Summer, 2015
Phase 1: Planning & Development of GIE Framework & GIE App 1
1. GIE Framework concept development
2. GIE Framework unique design feature development (user interface
3. Storyboard of GIE App 1 content
4. Development of GIE App 1
Fall, 2015
Phase 2: GIE App 1 Implementation/Testing/Assessment
1. Initial deployment of GIE App 1, including evaluation/fixes for
2. Assessment of GIE App 1 performance in real-world classroom
3. Revision of GIE App 1 based on assessment
Spring & Summer, 2016
Phase 3: Planning & Development of GIE App 2
1. Storyboard of GIE App 2 content
2. Development of GIE App 2
Fall, 2016
Phase 4: GIE App 1 Implementation/Testing/Assessment
1. Initial deployment of GIE App 2, including evaluation/fixes for
2. Assessment of GIE App 2 performance in real-world classroom
3. Revision of GIE App 2 based on assessment
4. Plan future expansion for additional GIE apps
6. Pricing Information: UNC has a total budget of $150,000 to complete two
fully-functional and implemented applications within the timeline stated in
paragraph 5, above. UNC anticipates this project will take between 850 and
1,200 hours to complete. Cost estimates must include detailed supplies and
labor expense allocations aligned with the project elements and timeline.
Additional resources and support for the project may be included, but cannot
exceed the firm-fixed-price limit specified.
7. Confidential/Proprietary Information: Any restrictions of the use or
inspection of material contained within the response shall be clearly stated in
the response itself. Written requests for confidentiality shall be submitted,
by the bidder with the response. The bidder must state specifically what
elements of the response are to be considered confidential/proprietary.
Confidential/proprietary information must be readily identified, marked and
separately packaged from the rest of the response. Co-mingling of
confidential/proprietary and other information is NOT acceptable. Neither a
response in its entirety, nor price information will be considered
confidential/proprietary. Any information that will be included in any
resulting contract cannot be considered confidential.
The University Purchasing Department will make a written determination as
to the apparent validity of any request for confidentiality. In the event the
Purchasing Department does not concur with the bidder’s request for
confidentiality, the written determination will be sent to the bidder. Ref.
Section 24-72-201 et. seq., C.R.S., as amended, Colorado Open Records Act.
The University Purchasing Department will make a written determination as
to the apparent validity of any request for confidentiality. In the event the
Purchasing Department does not concur with the offeror’s request for
confidentiality, the written determination will be sent to the offeror. Ref.
Section 24-72-201 et. seq., C.R.S., as amended, Public (open) Records.
8. Minimum Mandatory Qualifications:
Following are the minimum mandatory qualifications vendors must meet in order
to be considered for award. Please confirm that you meet each of the following
qualifications and provide a brief description of how you meet each (see
Paragraph 9 Submittal Requirements, below):
a. Your firm, personnel, and any subcontractors must have expertise in crossplatform development. All features of the developed apps must be fully
implemented across at least Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.
b. Your firm must have expertise with implementing interactive elements
such as those outlined in Paragraph 4(b), above.
c. Your firm must have graphics design capabilities or your firm must be
willing to subcontract graphics design project components.
d. Your firm must commit to develop, complete, and implement two fullyrealized and functional apps (as described in Paragraph 4, above) within
the project timeframe. The satisfactory completion of the apps will
depend on performance criteria detailed by the UNC GIE Team.
9. Submittal Requirements:
Your quote must contain the following information, in the order and format
provided below.
a. Cover Letter. Provide key contact information, including phone number,
fax number, and email address. State that you meet each of the minimum
mandatory qualifications listed in Paragraph 3, above.
b. Resumes of all staff who will be involved or assigned to the project for any
role in design, development, and implementation of the apps.
c. Examples (portfolio) or online access of/to other similar projects that your
firm and/or your staff have completed. Examples that show relevance to
this project (i.e. unique design, interactive elements, etc.) will be most
d. Reference list of clients that may be contacted for feedback on
performance and creativity.
e. Minimum Mandatory Qualification. Provide a brief description of how
you meet the Minimum Mandatory Qualification listed paragraph 5,
f. Pricing. Offers must reflect how the firm will complete the services listed
in the Scope of Work (Paragraph 4, above), with respect to the project
funding limit. The offer may be the form of an itemization for each of the
services listed in the Scope of Work, or an hourly rate estimation. Any
related expenses must be listed in the offer. Also provide a total not to
exceed the amount listed in Paragraph 6, above, to provide all services
listed in the Scope of Work.
10. Vendor must submit a signed copy of the attached Vendor Signature Form &
Completed W-9 Form
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