villa walsh lacrosse - Villa Walsh Academy

Head Varsity Coach: Christy Vetere; e-mail: [email protected]
Assistant Varsity Coach: Jen Geary; e-mail: [email protected]
Head Junior Varsity Coach: Bruce Shirvanian ; e-mail: [email protected]
Varsity Captains:
Juliana Strelec
Erin DiGuglielmo
Villa Walsh Academy Athletics (as per VWA Handbook):
“Participation in the athletic program is a privilege. Athletes represent Villa Walsh Academy each
time they enter a field, track, court or pool, and therefore, are expected to conduct themselves
respectfully, consistent with the values modeled at Villa Walsh Academy. In addition, a Villa
Walsh athlete is asked to always put forth her best effort…”
 All members of the softball team will follow those rules outlined in the Villa Walsh Academy
Student Handbook.
 Every member of the softball team is a student-athlete. Each member is expected to be on
top of their school assignments during their participation in season. The coaches understand
that school work must come first, however, each member is asked to prioritize and manage
their time wisely in order to fully commit to the softball program.
 RESPECT: for captains, fellow teammates, referees, opponents, coaches, VWA staff, and self.
 Exercise effective communication and listening skills.
 Maintain a positive attitude.
 Believe in your team!
 No foul language!
 Paperwork: ALL Sports Participation paperwork must be turned in to the school nurse for
approval before an athlete will be permitted to participate in practices or contests.
 Every athlete must have completed a minimum of 6 practice days prior to the first
scrimmage or game.
 An athlete must be in school by 10:30am in order to participate in a practice or game that
 An athlete who is unable to participate in Physical Education class due to an injury or illness
will not be permitted to participate in a practice or game that day.
**Please note, times are tentative and are subject to change**
Friday March 1st, 2013
Saturday March 2nd, 2013
Monday March 4th, 2013
Tuesday March 5th, 2013
**Practice times are tentative, as weather and/or other events could cause a change in schedule.
 Monday-Friday: 3:15pm-5:30pm (outdoor times)
o 3:15pm start time for practice means you are dressed, equipment out,
water/ice/med-kit on field… READY-TO-GO
o Indoor practices times will change depending on the time that is given for
the gym and annex.
o Please make sure players and parents sign up for alerts for practices and
games on
 Saturday: practice times will vary. All athletes are expected to be available for all Saturday
 Sunday: practice may be scheduled.
 **BE ON TIME**
 Practice/Game time is Softball time
 Attendance is mandatory
o Missing a practice or game will hinder a player’s ability to improve their skills and level
of conditioning, and could fall behind the improvements made by the team as a whole.
o Athletes will be excused from practice due to:
 School absence that day due to illness or injury
 Sent home from school due to illness or injury
 Dr. appt. for illness or injury
 Family emergency
 Players should notify the coaches ahead of time when possible via e-mail or in writing if they
are going to miss a practice or game.
 Player Equipment:
o All equipment should be brought to every practice.
o It’s highly recommended that players wear a mouth guard or face mask.
Softball bat
batting gloves
Team Equipment:
o DAILY: Below is a list of the necessary equipment that will be brought to every practice
and/or game. This duty is shared by every member of the Softball team. Athletes will
follow a posted schedule to know when they are responsible for team equipment
 Water
 Med-Kit
 Ice
 Ball bucket
 Top: Villa Walsh apparel only!
Bottom: Green shorts /sweatpants
(If cold weather, must wear black athletic leggings underneath, or green sweatpants –
must be Villa Walsh - no other school/team writing)
 School-issued Varsity or JV uniforms
 Home and AWAY = GREEN jersey - WHITE pants - GREEN socks
 The Varsity and JV scrimmage and game schedules can be found on
 Attendance is mandatory (refer to “Attendance” section of PRACTICES)
o Cell phones, homework, and parents will not be permitted on the player sideline/bench
during any portion of the Varsity and JV games. These are distractions to your
teammates and coaches.
 Travel:
o Travel to and from all away games will be provided by VWA bus transportation.
o NO player is allowed to drive herself to an away game or offsite practice.
o If a player is NOT returning to Villa on the bus, they must have their parent sign them
out on the team sign-out sheet/clipboard at the end of that game.
o If a player will be traveling home from an away game with another player’s parent, Mrs.
Fleury or Coach Vetere MUST have a signed note from that child’s parent allowing them
to ride with another adult. This note must be turned in to Mrs. Fleury or Coach Vetere
IN ADVANCE. The parent driver will then sign-out on the sheet/clipboard.
SPRING BREAK: **Please plan accordingly**
 The VWA Varsity & JV Softball Teams participates in mandatory practices and games
during the Spring Break schedule (Thursday March 21st, 2013 – Sunday April 7th, 2013).
 All “spirit” clothing for the Softball team will be determined by the captains and coaches and
must be pre-approved by Mrs. Fleury.
 Any pre-approved Softball apparel may ONLY be worn during school on the day of an AWAY
game or tag day. Players will all dress in the same clothing on away game days.
 Spirit clothing items are not allowed to be worn during the school day when we have practices
or home games.
 Players are not required to purchase spirit clothing. All items on the clothing list are optional.
 Pre-season: (HIGHLY recommended)
o Strength and Conditioning:
 Sundays - 4pm-5pm at Play 2 Win Academy in Rockaway, NJ
 February 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th and March 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th
 Please see attached registration form for additional information
Additional Strength and Conditioning: at VWA with Coach Yombor
 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the fitness room at 3:30-4:30pm
 Tuesday and Thursday is yoga or conditioning in fitness room at 3:30-4:30pm
o Athletes are encouraged to attend sessions to improve their physique and improve their
sport performance. Attendance is not mandatory for Strength and Conditioning,
however, it is HIGHLY recommended by the coaching staff.
 January and February:
 Pitchers should be throwing at least 3 days a week.
 All players should be hitting at a batting cage.
 In-season (March-May):
o All VWA Softball players are expected to begin the first day of season IN-SHAPE
o Conditioning will be implemented DAILY during season and will focus on
maintaining your physique. These workouts are not designed to get you in-shape.
Running is not a method of punishment – it will be utilized as an athletic tool to
improve performance.
o All athletes are expected to properly hydrate for practices and games.
o Balanced nutrition/Fuel your body and mind.
Zero Tolerance Policy (as per VWA Handbook):
 Absolutely zero tolerance for the use of tobacco, illegal use/abuse of drugs, and underage
 The Softball Coaching staff believes strongly in the Zero Tolerance Policy. All athletes are
expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will not break the above policy.
Those athletes that violate this policy will be subject to suspension or immediate dismissal
from the Softball program.
JV or Varsity player positions are not set in stone and are not based on seniority or previous
seasons. JV players can move up to the Varsity level as the season progresses; Varsity players may
participate with the JV team to improve their skills, conditioning, and game sense. Depending upon
performance, some players will transition between both JV & Varsity throughout the season.
 Playing time:
o It is not possible to guarantee every player equal playing time. Playing time during
scrimmages and games is EARNED in practices through assessment of skill level,
effort, dedication/commitment to the team, attitude, respect, and contribution to
 Varsity Letter:
o To earn a Varsity letter, a player must participate in 50% of the games, or at the
discretion of the coaching staff.
All players and parents are asked to utilize our online scheduling system. All parents are
encouraged to sign-up under “Notify Me” to receive important and immediate updates for practice,
scrimmage and game schedule changes and additions.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------***If there are any questions or concerns,
please do not hesitate to contact Coach Christy Vetere @ [email protected]***
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------***After reading the above responsibilities of a VWA softball player
please sign, and detach the last page
and return the completed page to Coach Vetere before the first day of Spring season***
Forms can be dropped off in the athletic office in the Varsity softball mailbox
2013 Villa Walsh
Softball Contract
My parents and I have read the above Rules and Regulations for becoming a member of the 2013 Villa
Walsh Academy Softball team. By signing below, I agree to abide by the above Rules and
Regulations, Code of Conduct, and Zero Tolerance Policy. Failure to abide by these
rules could result in my suspension or dismissal from the Softball team. In addition, I
acknowledge that being a Villa Walsh athlete is a privilege, and that I will represent the academy both
on and off the field.
Athlete’s Printed Name: ____________________________________________
Athlete’s Signature: X______________________________________________
Date: __________________
Parent’s Printed Name: ___________________________________________
Parent’s Signature: X______________________________________________
Date: __________________
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