A database consists of an organized collection of data for one or

A database consists of an organized collection of data for one or more uses. One way of classifying
databases involves the type of their contents, for example: Numbers, document-text, Date/time. This
database is managed using database management systems, which store database contents, allowing data
creation and maintenance, and search and other access.
This is a table that I have created showing you about where a person lives, house number, street name,
and first name e.g. all you have to do is type the information you need in each field. Then you change
each field; for example Last name I could give it a max of 20 letters for some ones last name. House
number I could give it a max of 4 numbers and also change it so that it’s a number field so what ever
updates their are it won’t mess up.
A table is a set of data elements/attributes (values) that is organized using vertical columns (which are
identified by their name) and horizontal rows. A table has a specified number of columns, but can have
any number of rows. Each row is identified by the values appearing in a particular column subset which
has been identified as a candidate key.
In non-relational systems, the distant counterpart of a table is a structured file, representing the rows of a
table in each record of the file and each column in a record. Unlike a spreadsheet, the data type of field
is ordinarily defined by the schema describing the table
This is a form, a bit like a table but I have set it out differently and you can actually view the picture. All
I did here was transfer over all the information and made some changes e.g. colour and style.
Here is a report, again has the same
information jus different layout all I
did was start with a blank data base n
filled out the information made on my
table. Then I just changed the lay out
and added fields which contain the
photos of each person.
Now am going to show you how I
made my table.
To start an access table you need to open
up Microsoft access on your desktop.
After that click on New, then to your
right it gives you an option if you want
to open a new database.
Once you select that you want to
make a new database it will ask you what
you want to call it then create/save it
After you create one this will appear you
can make tables, queries, forms, reports,
pages, macros, modules e.g. then you
click on create table in design view
Finally this is an empty table this
allows you to enter information
in each field.
When I created my form I did this:
Is clicked on this… this
Transferred all my data
across from my table to the new
form I am making by clicking the
2 arrows… then click next.
You can choose how you would
like it column e.g. then click next
You can choose either of the
options as it is your form. Then click
Then finalise! You can also edit it
or start from fresh! Entirely up to
For a report it can be the same process. But I will show you a few pictures of how to
do it:
This is what it would look like if you
clicked create report in design view