BUS 114 Introduction to Marketing Chapter 9 Team Activity

BUS 114 Introduction to Marketing
Chapter 9 Team Activity
Developing New Products and Services
In fine-tuning the product/service strategy for your marketing plan, please do these
three things:
 Develop a simple three column table in which
o Market segments of potential customers are in the first column and
o The one or two key points of difference of the product/ service to satisfy the
segment’s needs/wants in the second column
 In the third column of your table, write ideas for specific new products/services or
ideas for changing your present products/services in each of the rows of your
table that correspond to you first two columns. Brainstorm products or services
that will meet the needs of your listed market segments and their key points of
 Now discuss the feasibility of adding or revising each product/service. Record
your decisions (Yes, No, Maybe) in the fourth column so it corresponds to the
rows in the first three columns.
Two team members of your team will present, to the class, the information across the
rows pertaining to two products/services your team discussed.