Program Guidelines

Purpose: Provide an added incentive for those serious about maintaining or losing additional weight.
Biggest Loser ~ Part 2 will conclude during Wellness Works Week; therefore, the program will also
help improve your health and Health Risk Assessment (HRA) scores for those who participate (HRA’s
are free for RFT/RPT employees).
Program Guidelines:
1. Biggest Loser ~ Part 2 will run for seven (7) weeks, following the original Biggest Loser program
timeframe, beginning on March 12, 2010 and ending on April 30, 2010.
2. To be eligible for the Biggest Loser ~ Part 2, you must remain an active regular or temporary
employee status from March 12, 2010 through April 30, 2010.
3. All contestants will be required to weigh-in weekly until Friday, April 30, 2010. Actual weight will
be reported to Lauri Teutschmann/Benefits two (2) times during the contest using the “Biggest Loser
Weigh-In Form”. The weigh-in on March 12th and April 30th will require another active employee to
sign as a witness to the reported weight. (The same scale must be used for both weigh-ins.)
4. Participation is completely voluntary. Employees may discontinue his/her participation in the
contest at any time by contacting Lauri Teutschmann/ Benefits (x8781).
5. By turning in your “Weigh-In Form” to Lauri Teutschmann on the scheduled weigh-ins, you are
authorizing your name to be published in company newsletters and posted bulletin boards as a
contestant of the program. You are also authorizing the company to use your name and percentage
of weight loss in the company newsletters and on bulletin boards if you are one of the top 5
contestants. Actual weight will be kept confidential. If you wish to participate, but not to have your
name published, please contact Lauri Teutschmann at x8781.
6. Participation in the Wellness Works Biggest Loser 2010 (Part 1 and/or Part2) contest, with
completion of all required witnessed weigh-ins and 5% or more total weight loss, will count as three
(3) Healthy Return$ points for 2010 (RFT/RPT employees only). A total of twelve (12) HR$
Points (which can be earned from participating in various wellness activities) are required for the
2010 Healthy Return$.
7. If eligible, participants will receive the prizes listed below:
Under the Biggest Loser
program (1/18 – 3/12) you
Under the Biggest Loser ~ Part 2
(3/12 –4/30) you:
Less than 5%
Reach the original goal of 5% or more
5% or more of your weight
Maintain your weight-loss or lose up to an
additional 4.99%
5% or more of your weight
Lose an additional 5% or more
You are eligible for
the following prize:
20 Booster Discount
25 Booster Discount
30 Booster Discount
If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact
Lauri Teutschmann/Benefits at extension 8781.