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St. Georges Technical High School
Instructor: Marika White
Phone: 302-449-3672
Email: [email protected]
Course: Medical Assisting – Level 3 (12th grade)
Room: 134
Students will be extremely busy fine-tuning skills taught in previous MA courses while learning new skills
so they may assist the physician or nurse practitioner in various medical specialties. Students will be
introduced to office management, finances, medical records, radiology, hematology, and rehabilitation.
They will practice the following skills: wound culture, assisting with Pap smear collection, rapid strep, ear
irrigation, venous and capillary puncture, fecal occult blood testing, EKG, ace wrap application, and
CPR/first aid. They will also be studying and taking practice exams in preparation for their CMA or CMAA
certification. The MA program requires all students to sit for the national MA certification exam.
As our students have various class and work schedules, black board (BB) is used heavily in this course.
Students are expected to log on to BB daily to obtain notes, assignments, and updates. Since students will
be cooping, they must learn to manage their time in order to complete assignments and skills in a timely
fashion. The expectation in this course and in any employment setting is for all work to be submitted on
time. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure his/her skills are up to date.
Students will need to purchase the following items:
 HOSA affiliation dues - $10
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) study guide and online practice test $56 – This study guide is
available for purchase at the following website:
Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) study guide and online practice test $56 – This study
guide is available for purchase at the following website:
Delmar’s Comprehensive Medical Assisting Administrative and Clinical Competencies 4th edition
textbook and workbook – previously purchased
3 ring binder, dividers, and paper
Black or blue pens and pencils
4 packs of 3”X5” index cards
2 yellow highlighters
4 poster boards (can be purchased from Dollar Store)
1 set of scrubs (tops and pants) and 1 pair white or black athletic/clinical shoes – previously
CMAA Certification Exam $105 (CMAA) or $155 (CMA) payable to National Healthcareer
Summative (70%) – exams, skills assessments, projects, oral presentations, and coop grade
CO-OPERATIVE EMPLOYMENT: Cooperative employment or related externships are an integral part
of the vocational and technical training experience. This experience broadens the students’
training and provides them with valuable “real world” work opportunities required to complete this
career-training program. All students are encouraged to participate in these experiences during
their senior year.
Formative (30%) - quizzes, class work and homework assignments, and employability grade (safety,
attendance, punctuality, work ethic, attitude)
 LATE WORK: The MA program teaches the employability skills necessary for successful employment.
Students are expected to demonstrate good work habits including meeting deadlines and submitting
assignments on time. Consequences for submitting work late include the following: 1 day late 30%
deduction off of earned score (maximum grade earned is a 70%) and 2 days late 50% deduction off of
earned score (maximum grade earned is a 50%). Work will not be accepted after the second day.
St. Georges Technical High School
Marking period grades account for 80% of the student’s course grade (20% each marking period).
The mid term (10%) and final exam (10%) represent 20% of the total course grade.
Lateness: Regular attendance and punctuality are critical to your student’s performance in the course. A
student is late if he or she is not seated in his/her assigned seat when the bell rings. Per school policy, a referral
will be made to the student advisor after 3 lates and each subsequent late.
Absences: Following an excused absence, the student is allowed to make up all work missed. The time
allowance for taking tests or turning in assignments shall be equal to the number of school days or the number
of class meetings missed due to the excused absence. THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR INITIATING MAKE-UP WORK AND
CONSEQUENCES: During the first week of school, the students and I will set the standards for the classroom, and
I will establish career area procedures related to how I will conduct my classroom. The class standards and
procedures will be posted in the MA classroom. After the expectations have been taught and established, I will
use the following method to correct a student’s misbehavior.
1st offense = Verbal warning (if the violation is serious or deemed by the instructor to be a safety
violation, a referral to the student advisor will occur).
2 Offense = Written referral to the student advisor and a phone call to the parent/guardian.
Consequence(s) will be decided at the discretion of the student advisor.
HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America): All CTE students are required to participate in a Career and
Technical Student Organization (CTSO). CTSOs were formed to reinforce vocational, employability, and
leadership skills taught in the classroom and strengthen relationships with industry and community members.
Participating in CTSOs affords students the opportunity to demonstrate MA and employability skills, to earn
scholarships, and to network with other nursing students, employers, and educators in their field. National HOSA
affiliation dues are $10. This fee needs to be paid by September 15. In the spring, students will participate in the
Delaware HOSA spring conference and compete in health science events. In order to defer the conference
registration fee of $15 (or a portion of the fee depending on how much is raised), students are
encouraged to participate in one of MA’s fundraisers. Students who decide not to participate in the MA
fundraisers must pay their own $15 registration fee.
Your child’s success is very important to me. Please encourage him or her to attend class each day, pay
close attention and work diligently during class, submit work on time, and study each night. Please do not
hesitate to contact me for any questions or concerns. I am looking forward to a great school year and to
working with your student!
This course syllabus is to be signed by each student and their parents/guardians to ensure that everyone
understands the expectations for the course. If there are any questions or concerns, please call or email
me at the contact information above. The continued cooperation of the student, parents, and the
instructor is vital to the success of each student.
I, __________________________, have read through the course requirements, course outline, and classroom
procedures. I agree to follow all class rules and procedures. I agree to bring my required materials and
covered textbook to class everyday. I agree to try my best and to come to class each day ready to
Student Signature
I, __________________________ have read through the course requirements, course outline, and classroom
procedures. I agree to help my son/daughter obtain the required materials needed for the class. I agree
to help my son/daughter to do their very best in this class and to encourage them to succeed.
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