Social Studies 8

Social Studies 8
Chapter 17 – The West Transformed
Mining and Railroads- pp.578-581.
Key Terms:
Vigilante -
Subsidy -
Transcontinental Railroad -
Frontier -
Boomtown -
Why did few miners get rich?
How did large mining companies effect the environment?
What were the long-term effects of the mining boom and transcontinental railroad?
Native Americans Struggle to Survive - pp.584-589.
Key Terms and People:
Reservation -
Sitting Bull -
Battle of Little Bighorn –
How were buffalo important to the way of life of Plains Indians?
What happened at Sand Creek Colorado in 1864?
What happened when gold was discovered in the Black Hills?
What was the goal of the Dawes Act?
Why did the US Government send Native American children to boarding schools?
The Cattle Kingdom - pp.590-594.
Key Terms:
Open Range -
Cattle Drive -
Vaquero -
Cow Town -
Cattle Kingdom -
What did Cowhands learn from Vaqueros?
How did the Cattle Boom come to an end?
How did Women contribute to the settlement of the West?
Farming in the West - pp.595-599.
Key Terms:
Homesteader -
Sodbuster -
Sooner -
Grange -
Farm Cooperative -
Inflation -
Homestead Act -
What were some hazards that made life on the plains difficult?
What were some inventions that helped plains’ farmers?
What did Grange cooperatives do for farmers?
Why did Populists demand “Free Silver”?
What were the beliefs of the Populist Party?