ENG3UE: Madame Bovary

ENG3UE: Madame Bovary
In your groups refer to the questions below to guide your discussion.
Remember: evidence of use of sources like Sparks Notes will result in the most
severe academic consequences. Make sure to complete your reading on time!!
1. Provide a relevant title for this part of the novel. Make sure to provide a
justification for the title using several pieces of evidence from the text.
2. Identify setting and major and minor characters of this section. Provide a
short commentary about each character (5-6 sentences) that reflects what
appears to be significant about the character. Make your group’s clear
understanding of the text readily apparent.
3. As you are reading, take notes on the recurring themes, motifs and
symbols. Note how the development of each theme/motif/symbol is
progressing and what you believe Flaubert’s intent is in terms of their
4. Remember to research and take notes with reference to culture. The
following questions are what will guide your Interactive Oral
a. In what ways do time and place matter in the work?
b. What was easy to understand and what was difficult in relation to
social and cultural context and issues?
c. What connections did you find between issues in the work and
your own culture(s) and experience?
d. What aspects of technique are interesting in the work?