Social Studies 90 Final Exam Review 2011

Social Studies 90 Final Exam Review
 Middle Ages
-Theories regarding the fall of the Roman Empire, Dark Ages,
Feudal System, Black Death, Steps to become a Knight, Crusades,
castles, The Church, Pastimes of both wealthy and poor
 Renaissance
-Humanism, art and architecture, inventions, important people, the
Church, the Middle Class, the printing press, government
 Reformation
-Martin Luther, Henry VIII, John Calvin, Mennonites and
Hutterites, Catholic Reformation
Matching (30), Short Answer (40), Diagram/Chart (5)
 Maps
Canada, World
 Essay Question
With each of the civilizations that we studied this term, we looked
at the themes of spirituality, government, organization of society,
worldview, education, clothing, housing, technology and
contributions to modern society. Choose 3 of the civilizations we
studied (Indigenous North American, Egyptian, Greek, South
American, Chinese, and European) and compare and contrast them
based on 3 of the themes we have been studying. You will need to
have 5 well-written and well-organized paragraphs, including an
introduction and a conclusion.