Final Exam Essay Outline

Final Exam Essay (25% of Final Exam)
Write an essay, about three or four pages, about one of the major civilizations
studied this semester in which you answer the questions listed below. The
civilization will be chosen by the instructor for the exam. The possible
civilizations are: Mesopotamian (up to Persia), Egyptian, Greek, Roman,
Jewish, Christian, Indian, Chinese, Islamic, and Early Western European.
Students must be prepared for all of the above civilizations as the exam choice
will not be known before the exam itself.
This exam will test the student’s achievement of the main expectation for this
course, namely a general understanding of the above civilizations.
1) What are its striking distinctive features or patterns -- by contrast with other
2) Explain these distinctive patterns starting from the circumstances of its
original establishment (geographical circumstances and the mode of life of its
original inhabitants).
3) Show how these original circumstances are connected with
a) the basic technology,
b) the social-economic system,
c) the political system and
d) the spiritual culture: discuss major authors and texts from the Primary
Source Readers and explain how they reflect these conditions. How are certain
basic characteristics of this society and history reflected in these works?
4) Describe one major event in its history, and explain how this can be
illuminated by reference to the above basic patterns of society.
--Remember that this is a comparative essay and that you should compare and
contrast this society with other civilizations you have studied in order help to
show its distinctiveness