Study Guide 1930's test

Study Guide 1930’s test
The Great Depression and New Deal
Chapter 22 and 23
Hundred Days
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
Closed Shop
Dust bowl
21st amendment
New deal
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Deficit Spending
Eleanor Roosevelt
Agricultural Adjustment Administration
Herbert Hoover
Social Security Administration (SSA)
Second new deal
American liberty league
Bonus army
Sit down strike
Works Progress Administration (WPA)
1. How did most Americans feel about the economy throughout most of the 1920s?
2. What were signs that the economy might be weakening in the 1920s?
3. What happened when the Dow Jones Industrial Average began to drop sharply in late
October 1929?
4. What was a major environmental crisis of the?
5. What did the 21st amendment bring an end to?
6. What views changed about the government after the 1932 presidential election?
7. What are signs of an unsound economy during the 1920s?
8. How did most investors react to a sudden fall in stock prices in 1929?
9. Which were some effects of the wage cuts and unemployment of the 1930s?
10. What did President Hoover believe was the best strategy for ending the Depression?
11. What were the major disagreements between the candidates of the 1932 election?
12. Which New Deal agency was created to help businesses?
13. What was the purpose of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation?
14. What was the Second New Deal?
15. What did New Deal programs fail to address?
16. What criticism did many Progressives make of the New Deal?
17. Why are Huey Long and Father Charles E. Coughlin referred to as demagogues?
18. Why did FDR cut back on expensive relief programs in 1937?
19. What major New Deal agency provided jobs to young, unmarried men to work on
conservation and resource development projects?
20. What group was founded in 1934 and opposed the New Deal?
21. What did someone involved in a sit-down strike do?
22. What were the main causes of the Great Depression?
23. In what ways did American pull together to survive the Great Depression?
24. What were some of the shortcomings and limits of the New Deal?