American Pageant Chapter 14 pp 308

American Pageant Chapter 14 pp. 308-318
1. What economic changes occurred in the trans-Allegheny west?
2. How did new inventions affect agricultural productivity?
John Deere
Cyrus McCormick
3. What were two results or extensive cash crop agriculture in the trans-Allegheny region?
Transportation Revolution
Which region would benefit the most from improved transportation? Why?
5. Which groups objected to federal funding for roads?
National Road
Robert Fulton/ Clermont
6. Which region of the country would steamboats impact the most?
Erie Canal
7. What would the impact of the Erie Canal have been in New York City?
8. What effect did the Erie Canal have on small producers in the region?
9. What four practical advantages did the railroad transportation have over canal transportation?
10. What problems existed with early railroads?
Standardized gauges
11. Using the map on p. 313; what factors would have led to the regional concentration of
Transatlantic cable
Clipper ships
Pony Express
12. What were the advantages of clipper ships for long-distance shipping?
13. Why were steamships ultimately superior to the clipper ships?
14. How did canals and railroads change the connections between the Northeast, West and South?
15. Why did transportation for a national market reinforce regional specialization?
16. Which two regions became irrevocably connected (Siamese twins) until the Civil War?
Charles River Bridge v Warren Bridge
17. Explain how the Charles River Bridge case represents a change from the contract rulings of the
Marshall court.
Market Revolution
18. How did commercial expansion (Market Revolution) affect families and especially women?
Separate spheres
19. How did commercial expansion (Market Revolution) affect socioeconomic class differences?
John Jacob Astor
20. How true was the myth of American as a land of economic opportunity by 1850?