Prayer Walking
Prayer Walking is run by God, the
battle is for the heart, and the
weapon is LOVE
• To Win People for Jesus!
What is Prayer Walking?
• It’s following the example that Jesus gave us,
to go out by 2’s (if possible) Luke 10.
• “Standing in the gap” by praying for people.
Ezekiel 22:30-31.
• Jesus gave us authority over the enemy. Luke
• Seeking God’s guidance in whom to approach.
Matt. 18:14
Pray, then Pray Some More
A church in Phoenix, Arizona did an experiment.
They chose 160 names from a phone book &
divided them in half. 80 names were prayed
over for 90 days. Then they called all 160
people. Of the ones not prayed for only one
said “yes”. Of the ones they DID pray for, 69
people said “yes”! IF you PRAY… God will
do the heavy lifting!! The Praying Church Idea Book by: Douglas Kamstra pg 73
Choose An Area
The area that you choose to pray for can be your
neighborhood, or your prayer partners
neighborhood, or even a part of a city that is
in bad shape. That’s up to you and God.
Preferably an area that you can walk around
daily. Praying for the people within the
houses of this neighborhood.
What to Pray For
• Claim the area for the Kingdom of God
• Petition God to tear down the spiritual
strongholds, to bind, and rebuke the enemy
• Ask for the Holy Spirit to be poured out
• Ask for wisdom, love and guidance in whom to
• Petition God in the name and authority of
Jesus, the risen savior of the world
Now What?
• Be patient… let God take the lead
• Be prepared with a handout, such as a card
with your name, or a scripture, or website
• Ask to visit or invite over to your home
• Ask if they have a prayer request, add it to
your daily prayers
• Invite to church or offer bible studies
For More Information
• Go to:
“You shall be My prized possession, dearer to
Me than all other peoples. For all the earth is
Mine, and you shall be for Me a kingdom of
Priests!” Ezekiel 19:6