Density Review Problems

Density Quiz
Note: For each problem, show all work, show your answer to tenths place.
1. A block of wood has a mass of 375 grams and a volume of 300 cm3, calculate density.
2. Ima Stoodent places a piece of metal in the graduated cylinder, the water level goes up
by 20 ml. Ima also finds the mass to be 300 grams, calculated density.
3. In science class, two students found the mass of an object to be 5500 grams and the
volume to be 7800 cm3. Calculate the density.
4. Will the object in problem number 3 sink or float?_________________ Explain your
5. Jim Shoe finds the mass of a regular shaped solid to be 330 grams. Its dimensions are
3cm length, 1 centimeter width and 22 centimeters height. Calculate density.
6. Would the object in problem 5 sink or float in water? Explain your answer.
7. Use the data from your density labs over the last two days to answer the following.
A. Your lab group finds a piece of metal, it has mass of 2700 grams and a volume
Of 1000 cm3, using data explain what type of metal it is.
B. Your lab group has a sample of the plastic from the lab. The mass is 50 grams
and the dimensions are 1cm by 10 cm by 10 cm. Explain which color of plastic
this is.