Culture Grams Software - High Point University

In order to use technology to enhance global resources and activities that help
children develop accepting attitudes toward students of different backgrounds, races,
religions, or national origins, the students could use a software program such as Culture
Grams. This is an online resource in which students can used for research. Culture
Grams contains country reports that provide children with cultural information, facts,
timelines, and images.
Culture Grams is an online database. The children would be able to go to the
computer lab and navigate through the web site. The web site is updated daily with the
last news and facts from around the world. There are also different editions depending on
who will be using the software.
As a teacher, I would develop different activities and projects the students could
take part that they would use software, such as Culture Grams to find information. The
activities would educate them on different cultures, races, religions, and/or national
origins around the world. Students could research their own heritage and present that
information to the class using power point presentations.