APUSH: Unit 4 Themes for semester review

Semester 1 Review
Unit 1
-Patterns of Settlement: Spanish, French, English
-Motivation for coming to new world
-Interactions with NAs
-How each affected the environment they entered
-Interaction with each other
-Looking more specifically at English colonies:
(-don't forget that parts of New Fr and New Sp eventually become American)
-Be able to compare and contrast the three regions of English America: North, Middle, South
-No three specific colonies to be able to comp/cont
-Articulate growing differences and culture
-North = Religious (at first) - - South = Econ
-Characteristics and goals
-How successful were they?
-People: Winthrop, Mather, Hutchinson, Williams, etc.
-Understand and be able to generally discuss religion in the English colonies and how it affected society
-Puritans, Catholics, Anglicans
-Established Religions
Economy-Labor: Indentured Servitude give way to Slavery - Why?
-Role of Bacon's Rebellion
-What was it about? What was it's impact
-Growing disparity (especially in the south) around wealth and land distribution
The Colonies interactions with Britain:
-Natural Resources
-the development of colonial institutions
-Town meetings, self gov't, salutary neglect, tec.
-Growth of Democratic institutions in America
-What were they? Who did they affect? Impact?
-First Great Awakening
-17th Century is about theological development
-18th Century is about economic development
-How did the Great Awakening reflect the changes
1. Acts of British Government and the colonial response that led to the Revolution.
2. Revolutions:
-How the colonies were able to come together and stay together?
-Help: From who?, how?, why?
-Why did the British agree to peace?
3. Key problems with the Articles and how the Constitution addressed those problems.
4. How did the new government of the US handle foreign relations with British and France.
5. Economic Development in the 1790s
6. The Revolution on a social scale: women, blacks, native Americans, etc.
Unit 3
-Factors that led to the formation of the continental economy and the impact on the nation
-Transportation Rev, technol, American syst, expansion, etc.
-Factors that led this time period to being an era of reform and its impact on the United States.
-Different reforms have different effects and different success rates
-2nd Grt Awakening wld fall into this category (and many others)
-Describe the development of the 2-party system
-Know that there were phases: 2 parties turn into one and then become 2 again -- Why? How? Factors?
-Era of common man
-The parties themselves
-Foreign Relationships and their impacts:
-England and France
-Monroe Doctrine
-Success and Failure in negotiating with different groups
-Relationships with Native American Tribes
-Immigration and its impact
-Impact of the Federal Government on tensions between the sections
-War of 1812 (Who supported it and why; federalist response)
-MO Compromise
-OR and Fl
APUSH: Unit 4 Themes for semester review
1. Breakdown of Congressional compromise and the disintegration of national political parties.
2. Factors that inspired manifest destiny and its impact on US policies, foreign interactions, and
3. Rise of Plantation Slavery and the abolition movement that followed.
a. This would go back to the 1790s. ??????
4. Direct cause of the Civil War and its effect on America.
5. Strategies of the North and South to win the war and why one side was more effective than others.
6. Federal approaches towards reconstruction and the conditions in the South after the war.
a. How did it end?