6th Grade Chapter 9 Study Notes

6th Grade Chapter 9 Study Notes
1. Study vocabulary
2. After WWII : 1) people in Europe were without food, clothing, and shelter
2) Industries, farms, and homes were in ruins
3) Most of Eastern Europe fell to Soviet control
3. The Marshall Plan was set up to help Europe recover from the war.
4. The United Nations was formed to create an organization that would promote global
5. The Cold War was a long, bitter struggle between the United States and the Soviet
6. Soviets believed in communism and Americans believed in democracy.
7. After WWII, the American economy grew because:
1) Many families bought new homes
2) Industries focused on producing consumer goods instead of war materials.
3) Rationing had ended
8. In the 1950’s, Americans began:
1) Placing greater emphasis on education
2) Using credit cards
3) Enjoying leisure time
9. New technologies such as automatic transmission, radial tires, and power steering were
introduced to the automotive industry in the 1950’s.
10. In the 1950’s, most households had televisions, and some had air conditioning.
11. In the 1950’s, many people began using commercial airlines.
12. The Korean War started because communist North Koreans invaded South Korea.
13. United States troops helped guard the border zone between North Korea and South
Korea after the Korean War.
14. SEATO was set up to protect Southeast Asian countries against the spread of
15. During the Red Scare:
1) Many communists were arrested
2) Many innocent people were investigated and sometimes bullied
3) People who refused to cooperate with investigations often lost their jobs
16. The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred because Soviets were setting up nuclear missiles in