Diana assignment 3 database searching

Assignment 3 – Database Searching
Diana Harry
1. List five keywords that you might use when researching your research question in the
EbscoHOST database?
My research question is What is the parent's role in a child's language development?
When researching this question in EbscoHOST database five keywords that I may use are
language, child, development, parent, and importance, possibly even role.
2. Locate an article in EbscoHost on your research question. Below give the search
terms, including Boolean operators, that you used.
Language and children
Language or parents
Parents not teachers
Parent and Child
3. Write the MLA citation for the article.
Works Cited
Justus, Laura M., Joan Kaderavek, Ryan Bowles, and Kevin Grimms. "Language
Impairment, Parent -- Child Shared Reading, and Phonological Awareness: A Feasibility
Study." Topics in Early Childhood Special EducationF 25.3 (2005): 143-56. Teacher
Reference Center. Web. 6 Feb. 2011.
Using the information that you learned on evaluating resources, determine if the article would be
a good choice when doing a research paper on your research question.
3.What is the purpose of the resource?
The purpose of the resource is to educate parents about the importance of their role in
their child’s language development. This article will help parents to understand the
importance that reading can have on the impact of their young child’s language
development. Talking during reading to your child is a skill that strengthens not only
your child parent bond but the understanding of the language being heard.
4. Who is the intended audience for this information?
Intended audience for this information could be parents and educators interested in
language development and how to improve it through the promotion of reading together.
5. Is the information accurate? How do you know?
Yes, from the information given that states this article is from the Teacher reference
Credible authors.
6. What is the author's expertise, credentials, or institutional affiliation?
Laura M. Justice
University of Virginia
Joan Kaderavek
University of Toledo
Ryan Bowles
Kevin Grimm
University of Virginia
7. Is the information in the article current? The article is from the year 2005 so it’s a little dated,
but the main points of focus then still seem to be just as important then as it is now.
8. Is the article well written? Does the author achieve credibility as a result of the quality of
presentation and expression? Defiantly well written. Author’s credibility shines throughout the
way the article is laid out.
9. Is this article scholarly or popular? How can you tell? Scholarly, there are a ton of references
at the end! C