Introduction to Computer Science E-1 and to the Internet

Harvard University Extension School
Spring 2005
Java for Graphical User Applications
Student Survey
02 Feb 2005 / Due 02 Feb 2005
Full name:
E-mail address:
How you prefer to be called:
Phone number:
Are you registered for this course?
If not, do you plan to register?
How you heard about the course:
Which related Java books do you own? Which of the required or optional texts for this course have
you bought?
What kind of computer / OS will you be developing on?
Have you ever used JBuilder (any version) or similar Java IDE? Please give details.
What courses or programming experiences qualify you for the prerequisites of this course?
What is the largest Java program that you’ve developed, and in what context did you write it?
What interests you about object-oriented GUI programming?
Do you have any previous GUI-related experience (Web design counts)? How about other OO
languages? Please specify.
Which core programming skill are you most looking to improve?
Briefly describe the work you do (hobby or paid) that involves Computer Science/programming.
One or two alternate methods of contact information for urgent matters only:
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