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July 12, 2016
North Plainfield, NJ
Re: Software Developer (entry-level) applicant
John Doe, Human Resources Manager:
I have completed the on-line application process and I felt it important to contact you
personally. My technical training and problem solving experience will help me to become a
productive member of your team. As mentioned in your advertisement, I have the ability to
work independently on projects in C++, Java, Java Applets, PHP, and JavaScript. An
opportunity to integrate, debug and test software in a team environment fits well with my
professional goals.
Specifically, I offer:
A nationally accredited Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a
concentration in Computer Science (05/20??)
Experience programming in Java, Java Applets, and PHP (University training)
Experience working with NT, Linux, and UNIX systems
A willingness to relocate, travel, and pursue additional professional training
My employment documentation is enclosed for your review. Please contact me to arrange
a meeting by Skype, phone, or in person.
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