COMS W1004 Introduction to Computer Science


COMS S1007

Object-Oriented Programming and Design in Java

July 19, 2007

Changes to the syllabus

• Next week:

– Java GUIs & Swing (18.1 – 18.4)

– Networking (21.1 – 21.5)

• And then:

– Exceptions (11.1 – 11.6)

– Data Structures (15, 16)

Changes to the homeworks

• Instead of five homework assignments, we will now only have three

• We’ve also added a “final project”

• Final grading guidelines have changed:

– Homeworks 35%

– Final exam 40%

– Final project 25%

Final Project

• You will design and build an application of your own choosing

• Your program should be graphics-based and include at least


of the following:

– handling mouse clicks

– handling keyboard input (using KeyEvents)

– threads

– part of the Java API not covered in class

– Java GUI components (which we'll cover next week)

– networking (also covered next week)

Ideas for Final Project

• board games (checkers, Connect Four)

• card games (blackjack, solitaire)

• dice games (pig, Yahtzee)

• “classic” arcade games (Pong, Space Invaders)

• simple chat or discussion board

• text editor

• typing contest game

• Programming Projects from textbook

• If you have no ideas… ask me or Hila for help!

Things to Consider

• You will only have about 10 days to develop the application

• You should also allocate time for documentation and the development of testing code for your app

• The final project is due the same day as the final exam

First Things First

• As part of Homework #3 you must submit a document that includes the following:

– a one-paragraph "high-level" description of what your program will do

– a listing of the classes you expect to build, their member variables, and their methods

• The teaching staff will give you prompt feedback so that you have time to finish it

Important Dates

• July 26

– Homework #3 due

– Final Project description due

• By July 30

– Feedback on Final Project sent out

• Aug 7

– Final Project presentations (optional, for extra credit)

• Aug 9

– Final Project due

– Final exam