Prospectus and
Application Pack
“Your Education is Your Life, Guard it well”
King Solomon
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19/03/13 2:29 PM
It is my joy to introduce you to the learning community of KingsView
School. Situated at the base of the Remarkables mountains in
Queenstown, New Zealand, it is our belief that every child is truly
remarkable and that an education at KingsView School is a step to
a remarkable life.
KingsView School is committed to excellence in education, providing
a first rate general education in core curriculum subjects with the view
that all children should graduate from primary school with robust skills
in literacy and numeracy. We simultaneously provide rich learning
opportunities in specialist curriculum areas.
In an age often obsessed with external appearances, we share the
conviction that our world needs young men and women of virtue,
courage and strength. Character education is nestled within the heart
of our school. In an age often transfixed with the ”here and now”,
we are committed to nurturing strong learning habits and encouraging
perseverance, curiosity, enjoyment, wonder and awe and creativity.
I am convinced that God has gifted every child with a treasure trove of
gifts and talents just waiting to be uncovered and explored. I am convinced
that learning is something to be treasured and enjoyed. I am excited at
partnering with you in investing in your child’s life, that their gifts and
talents may be developed to the full.
Rebekah Key
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19/03/13 2:29 PM
About Our School
KingsView School is an inter-denominational state integrated Christian school operating from Year 1 to
Year 8. It is a Decile 7 school, currently leasing premises in Yewlett Crescent, Frankton. Plans are under
way to develop a new site some time in the next two-three years.
KingsView began life in 1996 as Southern Lakes Christian School. It was established as a private school by
the Christian School Association of Queenstown building on the vision of the Wielemaker and Sizemore
families and began with 8 pupils from five families in the home of a school parent but soon outgrew
this. It then rented premises in the Presbyterian Church of Queenstown situated on Stanley Street in the
Queenstown CBD. This lease expired at the end of 2006, and the current premises have been leased since
2007. The school operates a full primary structure (Years 0–8) with two full-time teachers. The school
has achieved considerable success in local area initiatives including spelling competitions, arts festivals,
concerts, inter-school sports and swimming competitions, community clean-up days and voluntary help
initiatives with locals. The pupils also help the Salvation Army with fundraising activities and the school
has regularly featured among the top per-student dollar raised for World Vision.
Application was first made to integrate the school into the state education system in 2006, and we rejoice
that in 2010 our application has finally been approved by the Minister of Education. With integration,
the school’s name has been changed to ‘KingsView’ to reflect both the heavenly King we serve and the
beautiful part of His creation we are blessed to be located in.
Board of Trustees Strategic Plan
Strategic Objective 1
To grow the roll to 100 pupils, focussing particularly on new entrants.
Strategic Objective 2
To establish the school on a new site, apply for a change of class and
maximum roll increase beyond 100 pupils.
Strategic Objective 3
80% of all pupils will be reading and writing at or above the National
Strategic Objective 4
100% of all pupils will make at least one year’s progress in the
numeracy project progressions.
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19/03/13 2:30 PM
School Description
Integration & Governance
KingsView School in Queenstown became a state-integrated
Christian school in 2010. We are non-denominational, and seek
to receive support from all Christian churches from within our area,
who support our Statement of Belief.
The school is governed by a parent-elected Board of Trustees. Its
proprietor (responsible for Special Character, land, buildings and
capital development) is the New Zealand Christian Proprietor Trust
(the NZCPT). The NZCPT provides its support to the school through
the Christian Schools Association of Queenstown (CSAQ).
Teaching Staff
Each class is very well resourced. We will have a teaching principal,
a full time teacher, a part time teacher and a teacher aide. The
children will receive plenty of individualised teaching care, and the
varying ages and year levels in each class are well differentiated
and catered for. As well as this, the younger pupils gain role-model
support from the older ones, and the older pupils learn care and
consideration for the younger.
We make excellent use of our Yewlett Crescent site, and use some
public facilities for the children’s benefit. The school leadership are
actively and continually working on improving our facilities, with
major refurbishment occurring over the summer to create four
classrooms and related facilities.
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19/03/13 2:30 PM
Our Christian Family
KingsView is a family oriented school, with small class sizes and maximum involvement between the
child’s home, the school and the community. As in a good home, the school aims for a friendly and happy
atmosphere with firm and consistent discipline. Parents are encouraged to become familiar with the
school vision, aims, curriculum and policies, so that together we can work in unity to achieve the highest
outcome for our children.
Family Involvement
We believe that a school functions best where parents are given the opportunity to be a part of the total
programme, involved in any area where they feel they can offer assistance. Parents are invited to be
involved at a number of levels and during the year the school invites parents to contribute and participate
in areas such as:
a. Parent Meetings each term.
b. Assemblies (Fridays).
c. Celebrations and social events.
d. Prayer – the need for prayer is vital and we ask for your continual prayer for the school; the
leadership and the children. Each morning teachers gather for focused prayer for the school
and its families. Parents and friends of the school are invited to join the school prayer meeting.
Days to be advised.
e. Parent-help in the classroom.
f. Education Outside the Classroom – day trips and camps.
Parents will be involved early in any discipline issues. Any disciplinary
action will be decided on in alignment with our discipline procedure
and also on an individual basis, with teachers working with the
parents and child(ren) to attain a positive outcome. Please express
any queries or concerns regarding discipline, to the teacher or
Principal directly.
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19/03/13 2:30 PM
Our Curriculum
At KingsView, the New Zealand National Curriculum is delivered reflecting a Christian worldview, and pupils
are given an understanding of Christian faith and its application to all of life. The Christian perspective
pervades all subject areas, and all issues involving relationships, morality, justice, values and discipline. The
principles of Christian living are imparted to the children by example as much as by spoken word.
The curriculum fulfils the requirements of the Ministry of Education but also seeks to achieve a uniqueness
and breadth of coverage that prepares the child(ren) to live as Christians in the modern world. At
KingsView School, we aim to provide clear instruction in foundational skills and knowledge while also
extending children in their gifted areas.
The philosophy driving the curriculum recognises the distinctive learning styles and giftedness of
children. With the merger of home and school it is a priority to guide the pupils’ talents and giftedness
into disciplined habits of life-long learning and service. The curriculum is strong in relevance, research,
relationship (mentoring) and reflection.
Devotions and Service in the Community
Daily devotionals, Bible study and Scripture memorisation lay a foundation for the application of God’s
Word to each area of life and study. The school is involved in the community and takes every opportunity
to serve others.
Development of literacy skills is a major emphasis throughout the child’s early years. It is seen as a key to
academic success across the curriculum in later years. The skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing,
viewing and presenting, are taught to a standard of accuracy and precision.
Emphasis is placed on accuracy in spelling, good penmanship in handwriting, and fluency and sound
communication skills in written and oral language.
Knowledge of the conventions of grammar is seen as important in both the study of English and for the
study of other languages. A phonics reading programme is used, combined with the best elements of
reading and literacy programmes. Opportunity is given for the Year 4–8 children to participate in regional,
national and international competitions.
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19/03/13 2:30 PM
There is a heavy emphasis on knowledge of basic facts, including
multiplication tables. Pupils will be taught all of the mathematical
strands (number, measurement, geometry, algebra, and statistics),
using mathematical processes (eg. problem solving, logical/
systematic thinking, presentation), at age and curriculum
appropriate levels. Opportunity is given for the Year 4–8 children
to participate in national competitions.
Unit Studies
Science, Social Studies, Health and Technology are the core
subjects for Unit Studies, and are studied in turn. In these studies,
objectives for other subjects such as The Arts, are included when
thematically relevant.
Physical Education
The New Zealand Curriculum emphasis on physical activity is
reflected at KingsView School by daily fitness programmes and
weekly Sport and Physical Education classes. A wide variety of
skills and techniques are covered, including swimming, small
and large ball skills and running.
Education Outside the Classroom
Every year, the staff plans an exciting time of Education Outside
the Classroom – EOTC Week. This takes the form of either a
camp or daily activities and excursions. This is always a highlight
for the year.
The Arts: Dance, Drama, Visual Art, Music
Dance, Drama, Visual Art and Music are studied as part of the
curriculum and in co-curricular activities such as involvement in
local events.
Extra-curricula involvement in learning the Arts (eg. Music
lessons) is encouraged and supported by teaching staff.
Computer Skills/Information Technology (IT)
There are computers in each classroom which are used for
publishing and learning support. IT skills are recognised as an
essential skill for this current age, and when effectively used,
can hugely benefit pupil learning.
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19/03/13 2:31 PM
Pupil Evaluation and Reporting to Parents
Pupils will be evaluated in a variety of ways to assess their performance and competence. We recognise
that children’s gifts differ in kind, in purpose, in results and in measure. Children come with differing gifts,
largely undeveloped, many undiscovered. It is the school’s task, assisted by parental insights into the child
to enable pupils to discover, develop and deploy their gifts. If there are differing gifts (Romans 12:6) there
must be varied offerings in Christian education, designed to discover and develop all of them.
The school Board of Trustees will have at least one curriculum focus every year in which samples of pupils
work and other assessments, will be gathered, analysed and evaluated for curriculum and delivery review,
so that any pupil needs can be addressed. The academic programme will endeavour to nurture and exalt
the differences God has made and to design reporting systems accordingly.
Reporting to parents will take a variety of forms; both formally and informally, and parents are encouraged
to maintain regular contact with the class teacher. Parents will be kept informed of programme objectives,
content and ways in which to assist in the education process. The learning programme will invite parent
participation and involvement to reinforce and enrich the in-class programme. Parents will receive written
reports in the middle and at the end of each year, with two parent/teacher interviews during the year.
The School Day
School Uniform
Arrive at
8:45am –10:30am
For the most part, the new KingsView uniform is stocked by Postie Plus.
The school has details of the uniform available with samples.
10:30am –10.50am
Transportation 10.50am –12.30pm
12.30pm –1.15pm
Lunch break
1.15pm –2.50pm
KingsView pupils are able to catch Ministry of Education school buses,
where an existing route is close between their house and another school.
As this may not be convenient, parents are encouraged to car-pool
where practical. Families who live some distance from school, and who
do not have an existing school bus run close to their house, can apply
to receive transport assistance from the Ministry of Education. Parents
who would like information on transport assistance or an update on the
school bus service should speak to the Principal.
School concludes at 2.50pm
Dental Health
Once a year each child will have a compulsory check. Organisation
for this will be facilitated through the school administration.
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19/03/13 2:31 PM
Parents will be notified of pupil stationery requirements, to be either purchased from their choice of
stationers, or through the school (when offered). For durability, exercise books need to be suitably
The homework your child is given is an important part of their education. It is also one of the ways
parents can become aware of, and involved in, what happens at school. All homework set is reviewing or
practicing what has been taught at school. We hope, therefore, that you will enjoy sharing with your child
this aspect of their learning.
Please check children’s homework book each night, supervise the homework set and sign the notebook
when work is completed. The work set should normally be completed in 15–20 minutes in Years 1–5,
30–40 minutes in Years 6–8. On occasions, extra time may be needed to complete a special task and
children with remedial needs may need to do more on a regular basis.
School Fees
The philosophy of the New Zealand Christian Proprietor Trust is to embrace the desire that no child be
exempt for financial reasons. Thus we have made every endeavour to keep the costs low. Assistance with
pupil fees may be available through a scholarship. Please enquire if necessary.
The fee structure is made up of two components:
Integrated School Attendance Dues (per Child) Paid to the New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust (NZCPT)
$900 compulsory Attendance Dues (used by the NZCPT [our Proprietor] to meet property costs
as these are not funded by the Ministry of Education for integrated schools).
Voluntary Donation (Per Child)
$900 Voluntary Donation (used by the NZCPT to supply other activities not funded by the
government. One third of this can be claimed back in tax).
Total amount to be paid per pupil, per year: $1,800.00
(Net $1,500 after tax refund)
Class materials (stationery etc) and other activity fees (camps etc) are extra. Details required for payment
of fees are available at the school.
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19/03/13 2:31 PM
Integration and What this Means
What is a State Integrated School?
It is a school which began life as an independent (private) school. The ‘owner-operators’ of the school
entered into partnership with the Crown so that the school, while now part of the state-funded public
education system, has a defined ‘Special Character’ which distinguishes it from other schools in the state
system. The government funds teacher’s salaries and operational costs. It does not provide funding for
capital works.
Under Integration we have an agreement with the New Zealand Government to provide education for
children from practising Christian families. We are required to ensure 90% of our pupils come from
families that fit this criterion and who support our Statement of Belief.
The school, in the agreement, is described as having a special Christian character. This gives us the right to
teach our curriculum through a Biblical worldview, employ staff who are Christians, and have a culture and
life that is whole-heartedly Christian within our school. In fact, we are obligated under this agreement with
the Government to ensure that our Special Character is evident, and permeating all aspects of school life.
Under Integration we are committed to fulfilling the same educational administration standards as state
schools, by following the National Education Guidelines and the National Administration Guidelines, and
reporting our progress annually to the Ministry of Education. The school will be reviewed as per the state
schools through the Education Review Office.
Governance at KingsView School
Proprietor – the proprietor of the new state-integrated KingsView School is the New Zealand Christian
Proprietor Trust. Its role is to act as guardian of the Special Character and work with the Land Trust to
ensure modern learning environments are provided.
Land Trust – The Christian Schools Association of Queenstown (CSAQ) is a land trust which leases the
school property from a private owner. The CSAQ services the property needs and acts as a local vision
carrier for the Special Character of KingsView.
Board of Trustees – Day to day operations, as in state schools, are governed by a Board of Trustees. A
temporary Board of Trustees is established by the Ministry of Education to manage the change from a
private school to an integrated school. After this establishment board has done its work, a full board is set
up via parent elections and appointments from the land trust and proprietor. The Board consists of:
• parent elected representatives – up to 5.
• proprietor representatives – up to 4
o up to 3 nominated by the land trust (CSAQ)
oone nominated by the NZ Christian
Proprietor Trust
hile functioning in every way as any other trustee on
the board, the special interest of proprietor representatives
is to protect, maintain and enhance the Special Character
of the school.
ERO – An Integrated school is subject to Government review
through the Education Review Office in the same way as any
other state school.
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19/03/13 2:31 PM
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19/03/13 2:31 PM
Contact Details:
Address: 14 Yewlett Crescent,
Frankton, Queenstown
Wakatipu 9300
Kingsview_Prospectus_2013_FA.indd 12
Phone: 03 451 1444
19/03/13 2:31 PM