(640) Aviation Studies - (Aircraft Pilot) Final Project

Applied Learning 2011/13 – Aviation Studies (Aircraft Pilot)
Final Project – Case Study Report (Fuel Exhaustion)
At the end of the study, students should be able to:
 State all the facts related to the case with focus on the responses of the flight crews of the
 Apply the aviation knowledge learned to analysis the case from a pilot’s point of view.
 Recognize the important qualities of being a professional pilot.
Students are required to write a report based on the study of an aircraft accident related to fuel
exhaustion with the following focuses:
Facts related to the happening of the accident (e.g. date, time, route, aircraft type);
Description of the emergency (e.g. symptoms, warnings, behavior of the aircraft);
Initial response, understanding and judgment of the problems by the flight crews;
Decision making and actions taken by the flight crews to deal with the emergency;
Flying and other skills demonstrated to recover the aircraft from emergency;
End result and conclusion.
Assignment type
 Report form in English with minimum number of word 1,000
Submission Deadline
 2 February 2013
Submission Methods
(1) by email (soft copy), send to
on 2 February 2013 (on or before
23:59). File Type: PDF (scan copy) or Microsoft Word format. File Name: “Class code_English
full name” (eg: Class A_Chan Tai Man)
(2) (hard copy) submit to tutor in class on 2 February 2013
Late submission
 Late within 1 week of the deadline deduce 25% mark
 Late within 2 weeks of the deadline deduce 50% mark
 Late after 2 weeks of the deadline = 0 mark
 10% of the Total Course Assessment