Date Topic - Fox School of Business

2015 Be Your Own Boss Bowl
• Business planning competition for
aspiring and early-stage
entrepreneurs from Temple University
• 17th annual competition
• Managed by the Innovation and
Entrepreneurship Institute – a top 15
nationally ranked program
• One of the richest-prize competitions
in the country
BYOBB Objectives
• Launch companies
• Learn new skills
• Create economic impact
What’s New This Year?
• More prizes – 13 in total!
• Tied to requirements of accelerators, investors
Shorter business plan format
Pitch deck required
Two minute video optional
Business Model Canvas optional
• Follow-through (Accelerator)
• It’s all online
Prizes and Recognition
Grand Prize: $45,000
• Summer Accelerator program
• Legal, accounting, marketing services
• Temple PR
BYOBB Important Dates
• December 3rd – Info Session, 12-1pm
• December 4th – Info Session, 5-6pm
• January 20th – Info Session, 5-6pm
• March10th – On-Demand Mentoring Session, 5-7pm
• March 13th - On-Demand Mentoring Session
• March 17th – Plans Due
• April 1st – Finalists Announced
• April 8th – Scrub Day - Finalist Presentations
• April 16th – Final Presentations and Awards Ceremony
Who is Eligible?
• Leader of the team must have a Temple University
• All Temple University students, alumni, staff & faculty
• New business or an existing business (less than two years)
that has not yet raised more than $50k from external
• Cross-discipline teams are encouraged
• Compete in three tracks
- Undergraduate Students
- Graduate Students/Staff/Faculty/Alumni
- Social Impact
• Any team not comprised of solely undergraduate students must compete
in Graduate Student/Staff/Faculty/Alum track
• Social entrepreneurship businesses are encouraged to participate
Social Impact
• The Social Impact track is for new ventures
whose primary focus is to create social value.
• Unlike a traditional business venture with their
focus on profits, social ventures pursue the
double bottom line of social impact and financial
• For purposes of the BYOBB, a company whose
primary motive is financial, but which donates a
relatively small amount of money or time to
social causes does not qualify as a social impact
Social Impact
Entries in the Social Venture Track of the BYOBB
Incorporate a measurable social and/or
environmental bottom line into its mission and
practices, and
Plan to attain financial self-sufficiency primarily
through earned revenues
There is Optional Help Available
Virtuous Cycle
Assigned a
Submit Plan
Participate in
Senior Executive Mentor Program
Upon completion of a one-page “opportunity description”, participants will
receive a business plan guidebook and a Senior executive mentor.
• One-on-one mentoring program with mentors from the Greater
Philadelphia Senior Executive Group & other orgs
• Two-way project-based mentoring program
• Mentors may not do any primary work or write plans
- Mentors provide feedback, advice and counsel
• Protégé or mentee:
- Drives the plan forward & is the responsible party
- Communicates regularly with their mentor
- Is respectful of mentor’s time and other commitments
- Sticks to agreed upon schedule and due dates
Opportunity Description
One-page document answering:
What problem are you solving and why is it awesome?
What is your product/service?
Who is on your management team?
Who are your competitors and why are you better?
What type of help could you use from a mentor?
(You can use your Idea Competition Submission)
What Do You Need to Enter?
• Business Plan – 10 pages max
• Business Model canvas – optional
• Pitch Deck
• Two-minute video presentation - optional
• Financials
Sections of the Business Plan
• Elevator Pitch
• Opportunity
• Product/Service
• Management Team
• Market Opportunity
• Competitive Landscape
• Execution Plan
• Road Map
Financial Section
• Financials
• Revenue Model/Financial Assumptions
• Financial Projections – 3 years (attachment)
Judging Criteria
• Must represent realistic and marketable ideas.
• A well-organized, well-written, sophisticated plan that makes a
compelling business case
• Evidence of thorough research regarding market, industry and
• Sound strategy and revenue model; plan is executable
• Attainable financials that are grounded in sound assumptions
• Consistency throughout plan
• Quality of Presentation (Finalists only)
Business Plan – Do’s and Don’ts
• DO comply with the 10-page limit
• DO use the template available on the IEI website,
• DO your homework – research!
• DO use spell check and a professional writing style
• DO submit a plan that’s clear, concise, compelling and complete
• DO proofread your document prior to submitting
• DON’T skip sections
• DON’T turn your plan in after 3/17 @ midnight
Start Early!
• Plans are due in about 3 ½ months– start now!
• Break it down into “chunks” and stick to a
• Allow time for re-writes, more research, exams,
glitches at work, etc.
• Take advantage of winter break
2014 BYOBB At a Glance –
• 163 registered teams
• About 180 people competing (total)
• 55% Upper track, 45% undergraduates
• 13 schools and colleges within Temple
• 103 senior executive mentors, majority from
• 213 preliminary judges
• Grand prize: Guiding Technologies
(John Nosek – Faculty CST) – helping
individuals with autism reach their full
potential at less cost.
Past BYOBB Winners
• 2009 – Pit Bull Development (Alum, School of
Tourism and Hospitality Management)
• 2010 – Next Engineering (Undergraduates, College of
• 2011 – pureNANO (Graduate Student, Fox School of
• 2012 – PHmHealth (Alum, Fox School of Business)
• 2013 – Neighborhood Foods (Alum, Fox School of
• 2014 – Guiding Technologies (Professor, College of
Science and Technology
’15 Spring Business Planning Workshops
4:00 to 5:30 p.m. 503D Alter Hall
Jan 27
Assessing Ideas
Feb 3
Creating Winning Business Models
Feb 10
Market Segments and Value Propositions
Feb 17
Cash Flow, Profits and Financials
Feb 19
Competitive Analysis
Feb 24
Pitch Decks (May be repeated)
Additional Temple Resources
Executives/Entrepreneurs in Residence:
Temple business librarians @ Paley Library
Legal clinic at the Temple SBDC
Business Communication Center (Fox Students)
Writing Center
Business Plan classes
IEI Staff (by apt) and IEI Resource Center
IEI mentor/subject matter expertise network
Online articles @
Be Bold
Be Resourceful
Be Innovative
Be Your Own Boss